8 November 2018

Hank von Hell - Egomania

Hank von Hell, now there is a name I've not heard in a very, very, long time.  The last time I heard anything by this good gentleman (aka Hans Erik Dyvik Husby), was when he was still the singer of Turbonegro.  I got to see them at a Download Festival in the UK, where they were pissing off the audience and I love it.  Their attitude towards an aggressive crowd was brilliant, they just decided to fuck everyone off.  It was an enduring memory of their performance.  Now, let's fast forward a couple of week's ago.  I was looking through YouTube for something to watch, then I see a link to a video for a song called "Bum to Bum".  The image was Steve-O from the TV show Jackass, placing a white hat on the head of Sir von Hell.  So naturally, I clicked the link.  So, after watching that a few times, I booked marked Egomania on my list and awaiting its arrival for reviewing.  

In the years since I last saw Sir von Hell live, a lot has changed.  It seems that his leaving Turbonegro was not a smooth process and has left a bad feeling in the air.  Also, since he was away, he's been releasing music with Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, he was a judge on Norwegian Idol, played Jesus, been a museum guide and generally created mischief.  So, why in the blue hell has it took him so long to make this album?  It seems to be a bit of a mystery to me, but hopefully, it'll be worth the wait.  Now, let's see how Egomania sounds.

If you've heard anything that Hank von Hell has done before, I think that you'll have a pretty good guess as to the sound of this album.  OTT punk rock, with a hint of sarcasm, a ton of ego and a lot of rock & roll!  There is a shiny veneer of pop vibes to Egomania.  But not in a bad way, as it seems to lend itself to this record quite well. Songs such as "Bombwalk Chic", "Dirty Money" and "Wild Boy Blues" will have fans of The Wildhearts, Backyard Babies and any of Sir von Hell's other project dancing like their lives depend on it.

Albums such as Egomania can be viewed as throwaway, easy consumed and easily forgotten.  Time will tell on some of that to be honest, but even if it is any of that, does it matter when it sounds so fun?  Egomania is an album that doesn't take itself too seriously, to be honest, the ego is the smallest thing on offer here.  Well, that is a lie really, but you couldn't have an album of this nature without some major ego behind it.  Egomania is all bright lights, shiny hooks, a load of swearing and good old fashion fun!  Throwaway?  Nah, this is too much fun for that!

8.5 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track - Bombwalk Chic

You can purchase Egomania on Amazon here.

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