12 September 2018

Soul Dissolution - Nowhere EP

You may remember, earlier this year I reviewed the fantastic Stardust by Soul Dissolution (you can read our review here).  That album was a tour de force, one that saw the union of Post and Black Metal reach (for my money) its creative peak.  It is an album which will feature high in my AOTY charts and rightly so.  However, what I was not expecting was a further release in 2018, but when it comes to Soul Dissolution, nothing is predictable.  As you'll probably already know a lot about them from our previous reviews, I'll get cracking with this one.

Nowhere EP is a two-track affair, featuring "Road to Nowhere" and "Fading Darkness".  Clocking in at just shy of twenty-five minutes, you need stamina with this EP.  Each track is a long and luscious assault on the ears, with gentle lulls, glorious highs and the howling vocals that will signal the death of someone close by.  The mixing and production job by Oliver Carell is stunning on this record, both tracks sounding crisp and brimming with tension.  Once again, Soul Dissolution have release another stunning monster, one which I would recommend you purchase/pre-order it now.

5 out of five - I wish I had more ears to love this more

Top track - Road to Nowhere

You can pre-order Nowhere EP on the Soul Dissolution Bandcamp page here.

You can follow the activities of Soul Dissolution on Facebook here

At the time of writing, Nowhere EP is not available on streaming sites.  If and when this changes, I'll update the links here.

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