23 September 2018

Sad Hill - Good if it Goes

Sad Hill are an Emo/Punk three-piece band hailing from Perth, Australia.  They feature Greg Sanders (vocals/bass) & Dane Knowles (drums) (ex-Emperors) & Adrian Codrington (guitar/vocals) (ex-Coveleski).  Good if it Goes is the debut album, which was recorded in a two week period earlier this year, which has been released by Gun Fever Records.  The blurb on their initial email talks about having to pick up the pieces of a dream broken, reflected in the formation of Sad Hill after the dissolving of their previous acts.  It must have been a difficult time, to have a dream in touching distance and for it to fall by the wayside.  I think this might be reflected in the title as well, the band is saying their good to go again after their previous acts went all Thanos on them.

As I've not encountered their first bands, I'm sort of coming into this with as a total newbie.  I've no preconceptions what they're going to sound, well - apart from the fact their tags on Facebook and Bandcamp.  But you never get a real picture until you press play, until that moment a band or an album is always a mystery.  I also have to mention the artwork, it's one of the nicest I've seen this year.  If this had not been sent to me and I'd stumbled onto it naturally, it would have been a prime candidate for my Cover Roulette series of review (link to the series here).

Good if it Goes is ten tracks of Emotional Punk, that is Emo before it became a fashion statement.  They have a sound which sounds as if Far and Hundred Reasons had a bit of a jam, but decided that they could make the sound of The Academy Is.... sound listenable.  Each of the tracks is a little story, with some being close to Sad Hill's hearts.  Take "Heart Attack" for instance.  This is a song which is about a friend who had a minor heart attack but treats it as a joke.  That is the sort of thing that a lot of people do, make light of a serious situation.  But putting it into words gives that event an extra dimension.

"Chicago" is a song about wanting to move to the big city, but commitments and families stopping the big move from happening.  This again is a beautiful song, born out of frustration, acceptance and emotional conflict.  We can also look at "Pat Wilson's Ghost", a song about holding onto a grudge or letting that shit go.  It's a great song which ends the album, showing how some people need to change or be damned.   My favourite song is "New Warden", just something about that riff just gets latched in my mind and will not be moved.

Musically, this is a great little album.  Like most Emo music, it's not a technical master class in the same way that Frank Zappa never made a straightforward rock album.  But in it's given genre, it's spot on and a shining example that Emo has a place in 2018.  I love the honest nature of the songs, the beautiful artwork and the overall package.  Are there any issues?  To be honest, not really.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  Good if it Goes is a God-honest Emo record, created out of love, frustration, tears, and hope.  What is there not to like?

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart.

Top track - New Warden

You can purchase Good if it Goes on the Sad Hill Bandcamp page here.

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