27 June 2018

Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Queen Tired

Ask and you shall receive!  I do try to get through my list of submissions every now and then, but being a one-man team makes it hard.  However, there is always time for new (and old) acts in my life.  Today, I will be looking at Elizabeth Colour Wheel.  They released their new EP, Queen Tired on 4th May 2018 and to be honest, that is as much as I can tell you about them.  There is no further information on their Facebook page or Bandcamp page about their past, which makes them an enigma.  I like that, sometimes it's good to have a band that doesn't give you everything.  In this digital age where we know the movements of lots of people, it's refreshing to know fuck all something.

Queen Tired is a three track affair, starting with the short(ish) and loud "Mika Says", proceeding on to the fantastic and loud "Unknown Tomb", then ending with the long and loud "Pomsky".  You may have noticed the word loud, this is the keyword for Queen Tired.  Because these cats deal in reverb in a way that will vibrate the fillings out of your teeth, it puts them in very exclusive territory. Very similar to acts such as Fret and Wahella in the North East of England, these American Amplifier Worshipers deal in sonic noise, attacks which can be felt through your feet at the right volume and with cause euphoria/deafness at the right sound level.  

Now, depending on how much you like your hearing being fucked with will give you a general idea about listening to this in the first instance.  Me, I love it, I think that "Unknown Tomb" is a brutal piece of noise that hits all the right notes.  I think "Pomsky" is a fantastic track that'll test the average listener and make people check if their speakers are working.  But I'm under no illusion that Queen Tired is a release that is not necessarily for the great unwashed, which is as it should be.  Some music is not for everyone, Elizabeth Colour Wheel is a prime example of that sort of act and long may they continue to be so.  Each song is on Queen Tired is a noise explosion waiting to happen, each is a piece of art that will enthral and repulse in equal measure. It's unmarkable, unfathomable and noisy as hell, but in the best possible way!

Crazy Cat Symbol - This cannot be marked, so here is a box of kittens

Top track - Unknown Tomb

You can follow the activities of Elizabeth Colour Wheel on Facebook here.

You can purchase Queen Tired and other releases from Elizabeth Colour Wheel on their Bandcamp Page here.

You can stream Queen Tired on Spotify here. 

You can stream Queen Tired on Deezer here. 

You can stream Queen Tired on Tidal here. 

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