29 May 2018

Not Scientists - Golden Staples

Not Scientist are a French indie/punk band from Lyon, France.  They first came to my attention a couple of months ago, which is precisely at least four years too late.  That may be a strange statement but let me explain.  My old buddy Luke Dunmore sent me a link to one of their earlier tunes called “I Don’t Feel So Crazy”, which blew my mind.  Finally, I’d found a band which crossed my love of melodic punk and rampant indie!  I was blown off my feet with this little intense stomping song, so I was wondering if they had released anything else.  Turns out that they had and I was just about in time for a new album!

Golden Staples is their second studio album, it was mostly recorded at Ultramarinos Costa Brava Studio, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain, by Santi Garcia assisted by Borja (apart from some drum parts) and released on Rookie Records. Right, first things first - being totally honest, the changes that the band have experienced since the release of Leave Stickers on Our Graves and Destroy to Rebuild are minimal.  That clear guitar tone that was a stark contrast to their energetic sound is still present, the energy is still there too.  The song quality is still at a very high standard as well.  Whilst there is nothing as jaw-dropping as “I Don’t Feel So Crazy” (sorry guys, but that is going to be the song you’re best known for), there are some storming tracks.  The stunning “Orientation” feels like a collaboration with Bristol-based legends Idles, as if they’ve taken their sound, added a love of the 80’s and created their own subtle beast.

The main thing I love about Golden Staples is the fact that this is not a carbon copy of previous works.  I would have been disappointed if they’d done that, but they’ve thankfully come back with a storming record gives a slightly new dimension to their sound.  The pounding heartbeat of “Mechanical Reaction” is dark, angry song about trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the world.  The facepalming horror of “Paper Crown” is something that people will relate to.  The feeling of realisation to what they’ve done and trying to find solace just so it doesn't happen to them again.   The message behind the song is there for all to see. There is a heavy 80’s vibe to this album, the tone of songs like “Submarine” and “Golden Staples” is intoxicating, to say the least.  I could wax lyrical about all of them, each song is a little gem.

But are there any issues with Golden Staples?  Well, the only one is that it’s not as instantly accessible as Leave Stickers on Our Graves.  Yet I love it more for not being a direct copy of that release.  This is a rewarding record, it has some rough edges and I love the fact that it reveals more about itself each time.  As I previously said, if they had done a repeat of their earlier work, it would have sucked and shown them to be a one trick pony.  Golden Staples is a great record, one which has some depths that I’ve not fully explored, but that will change over time.  If you’re looking for new indie/punk heroes, Golden Staples is the album for you.

9 out of ten - Almost perfect, almost.....

Top track - Orientation

You can purchase Golden Staples on Amazon here.

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