10 May 2018

Middle Kids - Lost Friends

The alternative folk scene seems to be picking upstream at the moment, with the latest name on everyone's lips being Middle Kids.  From Sydney, Australia, Middle Kids are composed of singer/guitarist Hannah Joy, her husband Tim Fitz and drummer Harry Day.  At the moment, every pop-up add and radio jingle is something to do with Middle Kids.  They seem to be everywhere in my life, even before I started to review their debut album, Lost Friends.

Over twelve tracks, Lost Friends is a dozen stories of loves long gone, broken dreams and failed unions.  The first track I heard was "Mistake", which is the stand out track of the album.  With its combination of distortion, the sound of The Cranberries and Ryan Adams, it's a summer anthem in waiting.  In fact, the beginning of Lost Friends is one of the strongest I've heard in a long time.  The same feeling was there with "On My Knees", with its energy and noise, it makes the world a brighter place just for being there. When "Edge of Town" hits its chorus, I was convinced Lost Friends could be a possible world beater.

You may have noticed the past tense I used there,  Well dear reader, I have to confess Lost Friends loses steam as it goes along.  Something about the middle section from "Don't Be Hiding" onwards, the songs just fail to connect with me as instantly.  It's not as if Middle Kids change drastically at this point, but something subtle changes from that point onwards.  This is sadly a feeling I've not been able to shift, no matter how many times I listen to this album. It's a song like "Please" which seem to because help illustrates this for me.  Now, as a song, "Please" sounds decent enough, I'm sure some people will love it.  But for me, it doesn't hit the heights of those first few tracks.

Which brings me to the rub of the album, the album feels front-loaded, with the ending only occurring as the tracks have run out.  The flow of the record is a very important thing for people like me (ie - music nerds).  You could have the best songs in the world, but if the order is wrong, it can ruin an album.  Lost Friends is a record that has some brilliant songs on it, but suffers from putting all it's best tracks to the front.  But I think there is more to come from this band, they have potential and I hope they release a world beater.  If only to prove me wrong!

5 out of ten - Not for everyone, but well played

Top track - Mistake

You can purchase Lost Friends on Bandcamp here.

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