10 February 2018

Ghost//Signals - Queen of the Oxygen Thieves

Ghost//Signals are one of my favourite groups in Newcastle right now, together with The NX, Dunes and Waheela.  Last year, their second single "Start Families, Avoid Shit Parties" made our top ten songs of 2017 (you can read the full list here), their first song "Trauma! Trauma! Trauma!" was a stunning debut as well.  So, here we are with the imminent release of their third single "Queen of the Oxygen Thieves" (release date still to be announced).

"Queen of the Oxygen Thieves" is quite possibly one of the best titles I've ever seen, it's also one of the best songs of the year so far.  With each song, Ghost//Signals show a different side of themselves, a different facet of their soul.  "Trauma! Trauma! Trauma!" was the heavy artillery, "Start Families/Avoid Hip Parties" was the ground troops, this makes "Queen of the Oxygen Thieves" is the air force.  It's a brilliant song, one that should be getting airplay around the world and praise from all corners of the globe.  It's a stunning single, but after this one, will we get a full EP or album?

5 out of five - I wish I had more ears to love this

Top track - well, it's only one song so - Queen of the Oxygen Thieves

You can visit the Ghost//Signals website here, once Queen of the Oxygen Thieves is released, it will be available here.

You can follow the activities of Ghost//Signals on Facebook here.

At the time of writing, Queen of the Oxygen Thieves is not available on streaming sites.  If this changes, I'll add the links here.


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