12 October 2017

InHeaven - InHeaven

InHeaven have been making waves for the last few years, getting praise from all sections of the press and fans alike.  They have recently been headlining gigs around the country (Newcastle show review to be posted soon), appeared on many festivals around the world and it all seems to be going well for the London four-piece.  Released on the 1st September 2017, InHeaven has been hailed as one of the best up and coming band and their debut self-titled album is one of the best releases of the year.  So, is the hype justified?

01 – Baby’s Alright

The album starts with the ridiculously positive “Baby’s Alright”, musically it is overflowing with joyful music.  All may seem well on the surface, but nothing is as it seems.  Lyrically it has a few harsh things to say about the world, but musically I have not heard anything with an indie tone sound joyous.  Every time this song starts, a smile as wide as the mouth of the Hudson appears on my face and I cannot help but lose myself in the moment. 

02 – Treats

"Treats" is an old-school grunge/indie stomper, a hard-edge riff with angelic vocals and a hint of Sonic Youth in the tone.  But whilst it might have a retro vibe, it is bang up to date soundwise. It takes indie to the edge of what it can offer in places, the bass is hypnotic and the drums are blistering.  Any heavier and it starts to stray into metal, but InHeaven are wise to avoid those steps. "Treats" is a great number and one of the highlight of their live sets, it is also a highlight of the album as well.

03 – Stupid Things

"Stupid Things" is a song about wanting to be with someone, but not having the courage to talk to them, a tale that is as old as humanity itself.  There is a shoegazer feeling to parts of the song, but it also has this larger than life momentum to the horns that are on the song.  It is a hybrid that brings the work of The Sound Track of our Lives to mind, but InHeaven have added their own identity to this song as well.  It is a beautiful song, one which has a lofty aim at its heart and it achieves this easily.

04 – Vultures

Vultures” seems to be a song about having the determination to get what you want, regardless of the people who surround you and would see you fail so they can pick your bones.  There is a punk vein that runs through this song a mile wide, it is a track which sounds better when it is played as loud as possible.  It is another which will get any crowd jumping with its catchy chorus and massive riff!

05 – All There Is

Once again InHeaven aim for the stars, hitting their target with a massive sounding tune.  “All There Is” combines that shoegazing feeling with a punk sensibility to create something unique and it sounds like they have been doing this sort of thing for years!  It is a track which improves with each listen, with its subtle hooks that dig in deep.

06 – World on Fire

This song will be massive, if not it will be proclaimed as one of the hidden gems of 2017 in many years to come.  A track which bashes a certain leader with small hands, it is politically charged and full of anger about this man who is (for want of a better set of words) a dick of the highest order in this and every other age of humanities history.  It is a massive track on this album, one which I adore and with the kind of message I can get behind.

07 – Drift

Sadly, not every song can be a classic.  You will always get a song which does not quite click in your mind, for me that track is sadly “Drift”.  Its a shoegazing song that is played well, but it does not quite gel with the drums and it feels uncomfortable.  It is not bad per se, but it is not as exciting as other songs on this record either.

08 – Do You Dream

Do You Dream” is a song that is looking for answers, wondering if a lover feels the same about the protagonist when they visit the land of nod.  This song is all out retro-indie anthem, one that immediately recalls the feeling of the sun going down in the summer, the chill as the heat of the day goes and the promise of fun in the night. "Do You Dream" is a gentle soul on this record, one that loops around you and keeps you warm in the dark.  It is short and to the point, which leaves you wanting more.  Another highlight on this record, which seems to have top draw track in abundance.

09 – Real Love

"Real Love" is a song that has a classic rocker theme to the music, we are talking greaser rock as well, the original rebel music for some people and it is wrapped in a love song about wanting to run away from your troubles.  Real Love” is possibly the most stylistic track on this album, making it stand out from the crowd.  It is not a favourite to be honest, but it is still an enjoyable song that picks up pace as it rolls along.

10 – Bitter Town

I love it when this band aims for the sky, they seem to have a knack of hitting their target.  Bitter Town” is a song about those small towns which seem to hold people back, but sometimes the person in question doesn’t have the answers they require to escape their situation.  There is also romance in the song as it seems to be the anchor that is holding them back, but this is just my interpretation of the chorus.  I love the way this album feels, the momentum behind the song and how good it sounds.

11 – Regeneration

How can one band have two stone cold classic on one album?  It hardly seems fair in some ways, but that is how the cookie crumbles.  Regeneration” is a song youthful disenchantment, isolation and the desire to escape reality.  The powerful words of this song would be redundant without the music to back them up, something that InHeaven do not have to worry about.  It is a great song, the highlight of the album as it has the power to make thousands of people losing themselves for a moment, where they will not feel alone because of the unity of this song.

12 – Velvet

Ending the album is “Velvet” which slows everything down to a very slow pace.  It is a beautiful moment, one which pulls on the heart strings as their shoegazing music takes over the world.  It is a beautiful ending, one that guides you down gently towards the door as the album finishes.

As debut goes, this is spot on.  You are not going to find anything as good coming out of indie music this year (well, maybe Mogwai - but they are more Post Rock than Indie).  I love the laidback feeling of InHeaven which somehow manages to be energetic as well, the music is amazing and it has not been off my music player for the last week or so.  They have captured a feeling of youthful discenchantment, the hungry for something new and it is all done with a fuzzy guitar peddle, a large bass and drum combo, mixing female and male vocals and attitude.  Whilst it may not have been on my radar before I saw them live, it has made a massive impact for me.  Buy InHeaven, go and see them live and prepare to be amazed.

9 out of ten – Almost perfect, almost……

Top track – Regeneration

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