24 September 2017

We Came From Wolves - Haunt Me EP

I have a lot of time for wecamefromwolves (or We Came From Wolves, depending on how you want to name it), one of the finest band from Scotland at the moment and they have just released their latest EP, Haunt Me.  Before I get to the review, a little bit of background (in a small way); I knew this EP was coming as I had heard rumours.  Then I get a press release via either Grand Sounds or Against PR (I cannot remember which at this point), so I made a note to review it soon.  Then, I get an email from Kyle from WCFW to inform me that the EP is coming with a link to stream it (thankful as always and always nice to be remembered).  It seems like the universe was telling me that I needed to review this, so I better get on with it.

01 – Falling

With a slow harmonic introduction, little bits of feedback and strange noises, “Falling” is brought into the world with in a gentle way.  But once the song proper starts, it is a song which is full of self-doubt, isolation and the lack of self-esteem/control which can afflict someone when they are feeling depressed.  It is a good post-hardcore song, once which talks about an issue and is a cry for help lyrically. It is a great opener to this EP, showing the growth that WCFW has experienced since their last full release.

02 – The Peaks Beneath the Sea

(Taken from my original review of the single) Starting with a fade in, they start this song in strong style as they deal with the subject of wanting to reach safety and trying to access the refuge that all people seek when everything becomes too much.  It is a strong song, the hook in the chorus is catchy, the performance is as good, perhaps a bit better than their previous material and it make you want to hear further songs from the band.  It still sounds like them, but with improvements on each level that comes from experience and working together.

03 – Haunt Me

The title track of this EP harks back to an earlier sound for me, it is the more mature and weather musical twin of “Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows”, the first song I heard from WCFW.  It is a song about needing to escape, being held back by someone who is claiming that they are playing second best to the rest of their lover’s life.  A break is required, but neither of them are prepared to make that final decision.  It is a slow burner, a heart breaker and it will have people singing in unison at their gigs in the months to come!

04 – Places Unfamiliar

The second song to be released as a single before this EP was released (it was also released as an acoustic version as well), this time it is dealing with the frustration that can occur when people are not seeing what is really going on, ignoring the pleas for help and trying to keep everything steady.  It is a fast-paced number that keeps in with the tone of the rest of Haunt Me, but without having a uniformed sound.  It is a great song, one that you will want to play on repeat and that last line about everything being fuckin’ awful is spat out with such passion!  What a tune!

05 – This Never Gets Easy

With a gang chant to start the song, “This Never Gets Easy” brings the EP to a close with a thought provoking song about love, time moving forward, trying to be a man/woman who lives up to their errors and to get things right before time runs out and people leave their life.  It is a slower song, one with a heavy riff during the bridge and a massive drum performance that smashes out of your speakers!

This is a great EP, the songs complement each other and there is a fluid feeling to Haunt Me.  It is a dark EP, one which deals with the issues of mental health with grace and shows the torrent of emotions that can build up inside someone.  It is not easy to listen to in places, it will not sit well with some people who have that “Keep Calm” mind set, but this sort of things (and its emotional content) need to be voiced and they cannot be repressed.  I think this is a good taster for their next album (whenever that may be released), it shows that they are growing as musicians and their sound improves with each release.  I do think that there might be counselling needed as well, but that is just on a personal note.  However, I do recommend getting yourself a copy of Haunt Me EP as soon as possible.

4 out of five – This is good and well worth checking

Top track – The Peaks Beneath the Sea

You can purchase Haunt Me EP from the wecamefromwolves Bandcamp page here.

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You can stream Haunt Me EP on Spotify here.

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