30 April 2017

wecamefromwolves - The Peak Beneath The Sea

It has been just over a year since I last heard from the brilliant Glasgow act wecamefromwolves, something that change just the other night when I received an email from them to annouce their first release of 2017, 'The Peak Beneath the Sea'.  Originally from Perth, the band have been going from strength to strength over the last few years with tours around the country, selling out venues, playing festivals, even winning the Scottish Alternative Music award as voted for by the Scottish Music industry and their fans.  It is great to see the band doing so well, riding the momentum that they have been building.  So, how does the new song sound?

01 – The Peak Beneath the Sea

Starting with a fade in, they start this song in strong style as they deal with the subject of wanting to reach safety and trying to access the refuge that all people seek when everything becomes too much.  It is a strong song, the hook in the chorus is catchy, the performance is as good, prehaps a bit better than their previous material and it make you want to hear further songs from the band.  It still sounds like them, but with improvements on each level that comes from experience and working together.

As it is only one song, the review is going to be a bit short, but the quality is not in short supply.  This is a dark beast of a song, one which sounds as if it has been crafted with the intent of being a high point in their live set.  It sounds huge and hopefully it is a good sign of things to come, the release date is the 5th May 2017 and it should be huge!

4 out of five – This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track – (saying as there is only one……) The Peak Beneath the Sea

You can visit the We Came from Wolves Bandcamp here.

You can follow the activities of We Came from Wolves on Facebook here.

At the time of writing, The Peak Beneath the Sea is not available onSpotify.  However, once it does become available on this platform, it will be on the We Came from Wolves page which Ihave linked here – you can also check out their previous releases as well.

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