19 February 2017

Ty Segall - Ty Segall (2017)

Ty Segall is an artist, old school to a fault and in love with the past; I mean that in a respectful way, truly I do.  In an age where people are posting every day, online exclusives and asking you to hit every link ever, this man has a very low digital print and his most recent albums are not on streaming services.  There are two Facebook accounts and neither are updated with any great regularity.  His last update on the one I linked at the bottom was added on the night that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.  In that post he talks about being able to talk to neighbours and no matter what we do, that people should still believe in people.  I love that sentiment and it is brilliant that he tries to hold true to what he creates.  This album is produced by Steve Albini and it is recorded with his new live band, The Freedom Band.  It contains a few members of his last touring band, The Muggers and it also adds a few of his regular contributors.    It is quite a quick turnaround from his last record, but I like that sort of style – let us see how the music has turned out…..

01 – Break A Guitar

Starting with an explosive guitar combo that is straight out the garage, ‘Break A Guitar’ is a wam, bam, loud and proud number that is all about making it as a star and playing guitar.  There is nothing else to the number and it does not need anything else to be honest as it is just a fantastic, vibrating number that needs to be played at full volume.  Just the sort of opening that this album required!

02 – Freedom

An acoustic guitar number, but not to worry dear reader as it is a still laced with strong chords, aggressive percussion and a fantastic solo that could lay down an audience in an instant.  It is a protest song, one that has been on repeat for me and it sound glorious; also, it is short, sharp and to the point and that is exactly what you sometimes want.

03 – Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)

Taking the vibe and pattern of ‘Freedom’, ‘Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)’ takes those sentiments and extends it on a new path that reminds me of passages from ‘California Hills’ from ‘Emotional Mugger’ as well.  Unlike ‘Freedom’ this number is over ten minutes in length and is allowed to wander off in various directions; this keeps you on your toes as a listener and it sounds fresh on every listen as it mixes a concoction of styles and riffs into an explosive song, one that is aching for a fight in an empty room and will fill the same room once released.

04 – Talkin’

We have a slow country style song on this one, it is a very laid back and it is all about talking behind people’s backs and how it can be perceived and that it is an insight to the person (or person’s themselves) – basically it is a song about gossip.  It is a strange number and it takes a few goes to get into the song itself, but it is worth persisting with as it does reward with multiple spins.

05 – The Only One

Bass heavy and electrifying, ‘The Only One’ has a dirty sound from the very beginning and a drone quality at the same time to the music as it loops around and around without much change.  The vocals are spat out with aggression and passion, adding a punk element to the sound and it gives shivers once the guitar solo happens again.

06 – Thank You Mr K.

I really like this one, it is a fast, bouncing number that has a great hook which spins all sorts of imagery as the music smashes through the speakers.  It is focused and percice in delivery, it has a pause in the middle and it comes back with the sound of glasses smashing and it hooks into the glam rock/garage rock noise that really floats my boat here.

07 – Orange Color Queen

I am using the spelling as Ty Segall himself has titled the song, not the UK way of spelling “colour” – so, grammar gits can take a run & jump.  A song that returns to the acoustic side of the album, this one sort of adds a Kinks element to the album that is not unwelcome.  Written about Ty Segall’s girlfriend, it is a simple affair and it makes a subtle impact on the album; it is not all strange noises, overdubs and to be honest, it works incredibly well.

08 – Papers

Another focused and acoustic driven song, to give a contrast to the garage noise of other numbers; but it is one that still have its own impact and style that shows the artistic side of Ty Segall.  I will admit that it is not my favourite song on the album, but it is still a decent number that has a good chorus and is worth a listen.

09 – Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)

Well, I was not expecting that to be honest.  To be honest, it is about things disappearing over time (mostly hair) so it is probably a song about male-pattern baldness.  But it is done in such a free-form style that it is hard not to be impressed by this number.  It is silly, fun and it has another loud solo – what more could you want from a song?

10 – Untitled

Thirteen seconds and a brief riff – that is it.  Napalm Death, eat your heart out.

It is an interesting album and make no mistakes about it, taking in various elements, styles and infused with a small degree of anarchy and unpredictability as it was not one constant style.  The retro feeling to some of the music is dominant and could have easily strayed and became overbearing; however, it holds it together and keeps everything together.  I am interested as to where you can go from here – I guess anywhere to be honest, just how rock should be.

8 out of ten – Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Top track – Thank You Mr K.

You can purchase Ty Segall (2017) on Amazon here.

You can visit the Ty Segall website here.

You can visit one of the various Ty Segall Facebook accounts here, but he has stated on a few posts that he rarely uses these accounts.

Ty Segall (2017) is not on any streaming sites, so you will have to purchase this album if you want to hear it.

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