28 August 2015

The 1,000 post.......

Has it really been that long ago since I started this blog?  The first post (cleverly linked here) was posted on the 2nd December (or December 2nd for our American Cousins (a nod to the book/film Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy)) I posted a statement of intent that I was starting to review albums (mainly to stop clogging up my Facebook timeline) and to voice my opinion on albums.  That did not work out as well as I now clog up my Facebook (and other people's) about this blog.  Ironic on an Alanis Morissette level , don't you think......

I was not sure I would ever be doing a 1,000 post, if I am honest I thought I would probably give it up after a while but I have kept with it, I have had help from the following cast of people (some here and some gone - I thank them all) - Helen Carter, Luke Dunmore, Chris Jermyn, Marc Richardson, Pete Gray, Liam Jamieson, Barry Wilson, Chris Chaney, Jay Smith - there has been a few people say they want to join and not picked up the invite, but I thank them as well for their interest; but not their email reading abilities (joking....or am I!!!!).  It has been interesting how the blog has developed along the way, after the first review of 'Night of the Hunters' by Tori Amos (Cleverly linked here), it has gone to some strange places.  I really had no idea that this blog would take on a strange existence that sort of dominates my own life (not sure about the other people, but I reckon that they get sick of my constant nagging).   It has also been strange when blogs take on a life of their own; for example - when Future of the Left and their fan tore me a new arsehole for my review of 'How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident' (cleverly linked here) (still stand by it and yes - I do get music Morgan), when Sleaford Mods shared the review of 'Divide & Exit' (cleverly linked here) and it took the internet by storm, when the wonderful Corrosion of Conformity took a shine to the review of 'IX' (Cleverly linked here),  the various reviews and shares from his Lordship Ginger Wildheart (Link to all the reviews), the battle we have in the background when a certain band is about to release an album (I will be honest, it is mostly either Iron Maiden or anything Ginger related), the time an e-fanzine shared Jerm's review of Slayer - 'World Painted Blood' (cleverly linked here), being corrected by Risk Ray for the review of 'Thanks for Trying' (cleverly linked here) and the same for Baby Metal and the review of  their 'Self-titled album' (cleverly linked here), the wonderful Moonbabies, The Chewers, the various Italian metal bands and every act who has got in touch asking for a review, the fans who hate us, the ones who praise us - basically, everything that has happened on this blog in the last 999 posts has been wonderful (even when Jerm got it wrong about In Flames - 'Siren Charms' (cleverly linked here)) and I would not change one moment.

So what now?  Well we carry on as we have done beforehand, music is still being released and the boys and lady have reviews that they are working on (in between real life getting in the way) and we are working on a group blog which is going to be late to celebrate the 1,000 post (we are so organised).  But I would also like to thank you - the person reading this.  Basically, you are reading the words of a dyslexic man who started a blog to talk about music and has had some help along the way. Here is a list of what songs I am currently listening to and here is to the next 1,000 posts:

Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin
Waheela - Hoffman
Sleaford Mods - Air Conditioning
The Wildhearts - Nexus Icon
Profondo Rosso - Green Inferno
Ben Folds - Phone In a Pool
Rolling Stone - Tumbling Dice
FFS - Police Encounters
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Bring It on
Frank Zappa - Doreen
The Rye - Love America
The Prodigy - Rok-Weiler
Ahab - The Thing That Made Search
Iron Maiden - Speed of Light
The Wonder Stuff - A Great Drinker
The Angels of Life - We Are Him
Skin - Getting Away With It
The Hives - You Got It All.... Wrong
Prince - Gold

Till next time

Eddie (Head person (by default)

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