19 May 2015

Chewed Up/Casual Nausea - Split

DIY Punk and split releases - two things that go together like JD and cola, sunrise and sunset, British TV producers and poor choices. It just something that has been going on for years and it will go on for many more to come.  One of the latest releases is the split release from Chewed Up and Casual Nausea.  We will introduce Chewed Up first as they start the release - from Sheffield, this five piece combine Ska, Hardcore, Crust Punk, Noise and good old fashion no-nonsense punk.  The other band is Casual Nausea from Ipswich and is more straight forward old school punk in the style of Crass and Subhumans.  Both bands have combined to release this EP to inflict the world with more noise and now let’s see what it is all about.....

The first six tracks are by Chewed Up; none of them go past the two minutes mark and it starts off with "Advice" which comes across as the bastard offspring of Discharge and King Prawn, but a hundred times more pissed off.  It sounds dirty, fierce and like it was recorded on an old school analogue kit.  This song is fantastic and starts of the EP with one of the most interesting punk song's I have heard in a long time.  "What Does It Mean?" which starts with a sample of a failed drug deal is another anthem for the permanently pissed off, with more than a hint of trash punk in the mix it makes for another song which brings out the grinning idiot in me – so far, so awesome.  "Cyclepath" is flat out fun, it is a great song that keeps up the good work and the five piece sound as if they are about to kill you and we are only about four minutes into the EP.  Then the twenty one seconds of hell bent "Don't Loose Yourself" comes along with the speed and runs wild on the release, it is another high-octane song which just cannot help to raise a smile on any punk's face.  The penultimate track from Chewed Up is "Love", which has a chorus about being in love with misery; it is not exactly a ballad, it is more pissed off punk with a hint of violence, it is gone before you can find out who has just beaten you up. But not before the fucked up "Cyclepath Part 2" comes back and gives you one more kick before the band fuck off to the bar, but they do drop a sweet ska part at the end which really puts the final exclamation mark on this section. 

Now it is time for Casual Nausea which starts with "Benefits Benefit No One" which give a big fuck you to the whales, it also not too happy about dolphins as well.  It is proper old school punk, really dirty and to be honest a little bit of a nonsense that just sounds like it is raging against everybody on the planet.  "Fucking Coppers" is the next song which keeps up the angry, shouting punk that is ranting and raving at the police - it is a standard that does exactly what it says on the tin.  "Bored to the Bone" is another rant against the monotony of the world and all that goes along with existence, the chorus is fun and the d-beat drumming is on fire on this song. After this we have the shortest song from Casual Nausea called "Broken" which is still ranting about the world that is not listening; so they are going to make as much noise as possible.  For some reason, it does not quite grab me as much as the first three tracks from Casual Nausea; no idea why, but it just sort of passes me by.  The penultimate track is called "Let It Get Away", it is more d-beat shouting with the guitars sounding as if they are being used as tools to beat the shit out of the would be audience.  It is an injection of energy before the final track called "The Milk Is A Metaphor" which starts with John Cleese (I think) talking about money spoiling stuff and the band are talking about making do.  It is the longest song on the whole EP, it actually slows down towards the middle a bit too much for my tastes and then ends with a crescendo of bile that brings an ending to the split release.

This is one of those releases that gives you a chance to go back to a style of music that you have not looked at for an awfully long time; I have not given punk (and both traditional and crust/hardcore punk) a listen in far too and it is a good shot in the arm for me.  Both bands bring different things to the table and both are played really well.  I will be honest as say I prefer Chewed Up, the energy from those seven minutes just knocked me sideways; Casual Nausea remind me of when my mate would play old school d-beat bands when I was growing up and the sheer joy in his excitement at that type of music.  But both bands given themselves a good showing and if you have even the slightest interest in punk of any sort, get your hands on this - there are links to both band's Facebook and Bandcamp pages, get to it.

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

Top Track -

For Chewed Up - Advice

For Casual Nausea - Fucking Coopers

You can purchase the album from the Casual Nausea Bandcamp here

You can also purchase it from the Chewed Up Bandcamp here

You can follow the activity of Chewed Up on Facebook here

You can follow the activity of Casual Nausea here

You can stream the EP from either Bandcamp page

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