25 February 2014

Presidents Of The United States Of America - Kudos To You!

The Presidents Of The United States Of America are one of those bands who seem to split and reform continually. After the release of their last album, 2008’s These Are The Good Times People they split and this time it seemed to be final. And yet here we are.

Kudos To You! Is their sixth proper album and was funded via the PledgeMusic campaign. Personally I felt their last album seemed tired, forced and lacklustre so I was hoping t would be an improvement on that but thankfully Kudos To You! harks back to their earlier stuff and is a joy to hear. It’s Is a short blast of upbeat, feel good, singalong pop punk.

They always had a way of making songs seem like they’d been written in 5 minutes and yet were instant classics and the majority of the songs here are just like that. Maybe it’s due to the fact that over half of the fourteen songs are reworkings of really old or unreleased songs as much as it is to do with the bands renewed fire.

(l-r Andrew McKeig, Chris Bellew and Jason Finn)

The subject matter of most songs is ridiculous and the sort of thing a five year old would write songs about. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Flea Vs Mite is about who would win a fight between said parasites, Electric Spider is about an electric spider, Crappy Ghost is about a ghost that isn’t very good, Finger Monster is about a little monster of the end of a finger, Slow Slow Fly is about….

We need Presidents Of The United States Of America in our lives, they’ll make us smile and remind that it feels good to be happy and sing stupid songs sometimes.

Best Song: She’s A Nurse

 8 out of 10 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart


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