31 January 2014

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI EP

I seem to be a bit one track minded at the moment - this release may change that if the truth be told.  Boris as I have been waxing lyrical about are currently one of my most favourite band on the planet.  Back in 2010 they released this joint EP with Ian Astbury (The Cult, The Doors Of The 21st Century, and UNKLE amongst others).  This man has a voice that will be familiar to millions but to say this release was unexpected is a combination of true and false; Astbury had appeared on Heavy Rock (2011) lending his vocals on "Riot Sugar", they have also done a few shows around the world when this was released.  Now, for this we have to dust down the old EP/Single marking system for his four track monster.

Starting with "Teeth & Claws" it is opening track and at once all is not well in the state of BXI.  Musically it is going for a Cult era sound, but Astbury seems to be living out his Doors persona on the song, with a hint of Field Of Nephilim as well.  The vocal delivery is too much of a clash on it at points.  It is not that the song is bad, just a truly strange mixture to say the least.  "We Are Witches" is a lot better, the gothic-esque vampire Astbury sounds a lot better on this song, but his time with The Doors Of The 21st Century has done some strange things to this man.  But Boris truly save this song with their tight musical perfection they save the track, even if Astbury tries to ruin it (but not on purpose).

Then they unleash the most charming cover I have heard in a long time, as they Wata take over the vocals to cover the Cult hit "Rain".  It is a moment of genius to get the band to cover this song and for Astbury to take a back seat for it as well.  It makes this rocking monster into a charming demon that will break the soul with its beauty.  Ending the album you have Goth-bury back on vocals for "Magickal Child", and it is the song which brings together the two parts of these people that works well together; Astbury with his most over the top delivery of the EP and Boris back to their noise-creating best.  It is a perfect end to this record.  It is truly a tale of two sides here; the first two tracks are as bad as the second two tracks are good.  This is for serious fans only, worth checking out but not worth anything more than a courtesy glance.  Turns out that not everything that Boris does is gold. 

2 out of five - Not bad, not good - so average it is Zen

You can purchase the EP from Amazon here 

Here is a link to the Boris website 

There is no Ian Astbury website, but he is a link to his official Facebook 

You can listen to the EP on Spotify here 

Or if Deezer is your pick, here is a link to the EP here

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