22 January 2014

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natural Mystic:The Legend Lives On

Now we have never really looked at many compilation albums on here, I think we have only looked at one by the Smiths and that is about it.  So, why have I gone for this one, why have I gone for the second best so to speak?  This is the second companion piece to the best known compilation of Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Legend'. 'Legend' is one of the biggest selling greatest hits albums ever released.  So, it is natural that after the success of that release that the record company would want to get more out market; so in 1994 a second album was released to the masses in the form of this release that you are reading about now.  Whilst 'Legend' has more love songs on it, 'Natural Mystic' has more of his religious and political works; it is trying to show a different side to the man and his backing group.  The version on Spotify is the 2002 re-release version which has an extra track on it, so how did this follow the success of one of the most revered career spanning albums ever?

As the album is took from lots of different periods there is not going to be music of a natural flow in someways to this record.  Highlights of the album include the title track (from Exodus), Iron Lion Zion (from the deluxe box set called 'Songs Of Freedom'), "War" (from 'Rastaman Vibration') and "Sun Is Shining" (from 'Kaya' which is the most represented album on this compilation).  The quality of the work here is beyond question, if you like Bob Marley I have a feeling that you would either already have these works in your collection or you have got the other Greatest Hits.  So, with this album is comes down to wither it works as another good advertisement for his work or if it is the recorded label ploughing the field one time too many.

To be honest it is somewhere inbetween; the world did not need this collection if I am totally honest.  As good as the songs are that are on here, they are missing the rest of the context of the albums that they have been harvested from; also this collection is just cobbled together and has the word 'Legend' added to it, so that it could sell a few more records.  However, whilst I find the idea that this complication was made at all I could not doubt or mock the actual music itself.  Bob Marley was a genius of this genre and his music is without question original and has been taken further by other artist.  However, check out the albums and make your own mind up.  It will be better than this album in that way and I am giving two separate marks here - one for the music and one for the concept itself.

For the music - 8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

For the concept - 3 out of ten - (a one of special mark) - STOP TRYING TO ROB PEOPLE WITH COMPLIATIONS!!!!!

You can purchase the album from Spotify here

You can visit the Bob Marley website here

You can listen to the album on Deezer here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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