30 January 2019

Baby Scream - Things You Can't Say to Strangers EP

If you've followed ATTIWLTMOWOS over the years (I can actually type that now without it sounding sarcastic), you might be familiar with the work of Juan Pablo Mazzola (aka Baby Scream).  For those of you who are not familiar with his work, a brief history lesson. Back in 2016, I received an email asking if I would review his album Fan Fan Fan.  It was a little Powerpop joyful explosion, with more hooks and swearing that an average Beatles album.  I also reviewed the follow-up, Life's A Trap (you can read both of them at this link here). Things You Can't Say to Strangers is an EP of five songs, which was recently released.  Not gonna lie, sort of disappointed to find out via a Spotify notification (don't worry Juan, still think the world of you - E).  However, I'll just have to make sure my other notification services for this band are up to scratch and get on with the review.

01 - Aching Life

"Aching Life" is a slow and hypnotic song about the cult of personality, the addiction that people feel towards following people and how this can be an unhealthy addiction.  There is also a sense of detachment with the world, looking at the disengagement of reality at times.  "Aching Life" has an early Bowie influence to the music, with a lot of swearing as well.  The passionate delivery of the word "fuck" is beautifully captured here, you need to hear it, it's so raw.  I like it, but the only thing I would say is that it's a little too short and stops as the song is hitting its stride.

02 - Fake It Till You Make It

"Fake It Till You Make It" is a punchy number, with a strong guitar and bass line that forms the bases of this number.  Like cult Indie Rock act Rialto, on "Fake It Till You Make It", Baby Scream have a tale to tell.  They've made a song that is about being one person in the real world, yet having a darker side in private.  I like this song a lot, it's catchy with a brilliant chorus with some biting barbs to delve into at your leisure.

03 - Roundabouts

"Roundabouts" is a slow, calming and beautiful piece of Power Pop, with a retro-vibe to the sound, but a modern production polish to bring it up to date.  With a gentle organ, classic guitar work and minimal percussion in the background, "Roundabouts" is a great song.  It reminds me a bit of "Wish You Were Beer" from Life's A Trap, which is not a bad thing at all.

04 - Live While You Can

"Live While You Can" is a song that feels like a demand for retribution from the creator of worlds.  You can hear the anger in the vocals on this one, as if talking to a Saint isn't enough.  But there is also a hint that love is a probable answer as well.  It starts off with an acoustic guitar, then the song slowly picks up speed and instruments as it goes along.  By the end, it's almost stomping on the listener, with a hint of noise as well (when you look at it as a pure Power Pop number).  I love "Live While You Can", it covers all the bases for Baby Scream, it's also a show stealer in my mind.

05 - Somebody Kill Me Now

Ending Things You Can't Say to Strangers is "Somebody Kill Me Now", a song about wanting to escape this mortal coil. It has an honest pleading to the words, as if the lack of answers has finally taken its toil.  "Somebody Kill Me Now" is the loudest song of this EP, it has the biggest riff, a larger than life persona and a great hook.  Which leads me to ask why it was on the end?  For me, it could have opened this EP, but that is my own thoughts and not a slight on the quality of the music.  Because when all is said and done, "Somebody Kill Me Now" is a brilliant song.

So, apart from the possible track ordering, what is the end result for Things You Can't Say to Strangers EP?  Well, it's another great release from the Argentinian act. When it comes to Powerpop in its purest form, I cannot think of any band who've got their finger on the pulse as much as Baby Scream.  Granted, it might have some cardigan wearing people up in arms with the level of swearing, but that's life baby.  As noted, I would have probably considered a different track ordering, but it's not a big factor at the end of the day.  If you haven't already checked Baby Scream out before, do it now!

4.5 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out.

Top track - Live While You Can

You can purchase Things You Can't Say to Strangers on the Baby Scream Bandcamp page here.

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