29 November 2018

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Poor Until Payday

On ATTIWLTMOWOS, I try to make the blog as varied as possible.  With this in mind, I'm about to review the latest offering by the wonderfully named Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.  For people that are not familiar with this band, the good Reverend his BDB are an Americana act from Brown Country, Indiana, USA.  

I first heard them when one of my good friends recommended me So Delicious, an album that was released in 2015.  It was a beautiful rollercoaster of sounds which I was not overly familiar with, but I adored because it had a rock & roll edge to the sound, mixed with some blues.  Last year, they released The Front Porch Sessions, a collection of acoustic numbers which were designed to be played outdoors.  It was a contrast to So Delicious, but it still sounded brilliant.  When Poor Until Payday was announced, I was sort of surprised, as I was expecting a little bit of a break between albums.  However, they must have sensed that the iron was hot and it was time to get more material out.  So, how has Poor Until Payday turned out?

The rock & roll/blues has returned on Poor Until Payday after the laid-back acoustic blues charm of The Front Porch Sessions.  You have the title track, which sounds as if it's built for the railroad tracks, you have "Dirty Swerve" which has an edge to the music that you just cannot achieve with a distortion peddle.  All over this album, you have moments which are unique and beautiful.  Such as "Me & The Devil", a song about revenge and it sounds sinister and I love that.  The blues need to have danger at times and that track shows how to terrify people when required. Ending track "It Is or It Ain't" is a stomping track about being honest with a lover, which is delivered with a passion that few others can achieve.

In just over thirty minutes and ten songs long, you might feel short-changed as you'll be wanting to hear more.  However, that is another part of the charm of the good Reverend, he knows how long to keep his sermons.  If it went on too long, it might lose some of that wonderful innocence, these cats are too good for that sort of thing.  Poor Until Payday is a well crafted, toe-tapping record which continues the good work of the Big Damn Band.  If you're even slightly interested, go and see their live shows and pick up this album.

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out.

Top track - Poor Until Payday

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