30 November 2018

Dan Webster - Devil Sky

Dan Webster is no stranger to ATTIWLTMOWOS, but this is my first chance to review his work.  My former colleague Luke Dunmore reviewed his album The Tin Man (link to the review here), which was released in 2015.  Devil Sky is Dan Webster's second album with a full band, his fourth album overall and it's been released via Paper Plane Records.  The cover is a wonderful image, I've been told it looks like a sky on fire.  I'll have to take people's word for that, being colourblind, I can only see the blues and possibly the greens. However, enough about me being colourblind, how does Devil Sky sound?

We find Dan Webster in fine voice on Devil Sky, starting with the fast-paced "Playing Cards & Late Night Bars", a song about saying goodbye to the past.  You also have the danceable "Sand", a song that mixes an African style with Dan Webster's Country/Folk leanings, as well as the toe-tapping "Bo".  There is also a lot of melancholy on this album.  Songs like the heartbreaking "Nothing At All", the sad feeling "Home Again", the equally sad "Haul Away" and the sinister "Freedom in Suburbia".  Each song is played extremely well, you can appreciate the effort that has gone into creating each song.

For me, Devil Sky is a well crafted, well-performed record.  It had sunshine and shade mixed throughout the course of the record,  depression and joy holding hands and making strange bedfellows.  I can't say that it's my favourite folk record of the year, but I can say that it's certainly another strong entry in a year that has seen the release of some fantastic records for the folk genre.  Devil Sky is an album that sees Dan Webster progress a little further, making all the right moves and all progress can only be viewed in a positive light here.

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out

Top track - Sand 

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