2 August 2018

Treetop Flyers - Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers are a London based Country/Americana/Soul influenced band. Formed by Reid Morrison, Laurie Sherman and Sam Beer, Treetop Flyers came about as another project for them within the West London folk scene.  They were soon joined by Rupert Shreeve, who completes the line-up of the band.  According to the press release that came with this album, their style to 60's West Coast pop, with tones of Midlake and Fleetwood Mac.  Treetop Flyers are signed to Loose Music and they are making some waves around the UK, with various press article singing their praises.  Treetop Flyers is their third album, with the band aiming for an organic and open feeling album.  This is an admirable aim, everyone should try for something high.  I must say, the idea of a Country/Soul act is one that I would not have envisioned.  But you never know until you try something, so I'm willing to give anything a try at least once. 

Treetop Flyers is a strange album, but one created by a talented set of musicians.  It's a soul album with some folk/country undertones.  Songs such as "Kooky Clothes", "Warning Bell" and "It's Hard to Understand" are examples of their soul heavy tracks.  I especially like "It's Hard to Understand", the bass and percussion are exceptional and tower over the rest of the record.  For the Country/Soul side of the album, the prime examples are "I Knew I'd Find You", "Sweet Green & Blues" and "Needle".  Each is played well, each has their own unique feeling and some of the tracks grow on you after a while.

However, Treetop Flyers is an album which never settles, never really matches the talent of the band.  The lyrical content is a flaw for me, with the words failing to match the music for me.  Whilst these words might appeal to others, it's not a style of writing that I'm overly fond of, so it prevents me from digging deeper into the album.  Also, it seems that Treetop Flyers are a band in flux at this moment. They appear (from the outsider's point of view) to be at a junction as if they don't know exactly what they want to be.  It seems that they can do any style they choose to turn their hands to, which is an amazing talent to have.  But over the course of this record, the combination doesn't mix well, making Treetop Flyers a difficult album for me to listen to. 

This may be an unpopular review, but I have to be honest with my point of view here.  Whilst Treetop Flyers are accomplished musicians, the clashing of styles and lyrical choices on Treetop Flyers never correlate in the end for me. If they were a soul band, they could nail it. If they were a country band, again, they would be brilliant. But this hybrid is neither one or the other, so it never really hits the highs that their talents deserve.  Whilst it might not work for me, there is a chance it might make someone else's day.  File under "this is someone else's sunshine".

4 out of ten - Well, it's alright, but still.....

Top track - It's Hard to Understand

You can pre-order Treetop Flyers on Amazon here.

You can visit the Treetop Flyers website here.

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At the time of writing, Treetop Flyers (the album), is not available on any streaming service.  However, once it is released, you'll be able to check out their Spotify page (here), Deezer page (here) and Tidal page (here).

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