21 July 2018

The Chewers - Downhill Calendar

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about The Chewers.  Not because they've come back with a new record, Downhill Calendar.  No, I've been thinking about them as I've been missing some musical chaos in my life.  It's been over two years since their last album, Live at Exit/In and another year extra since Dead Dads (our reviews can be found here).  In that time, their absence has been growing in my heart.  Mainly because I need crazy in my life and The Chewers are up there with the most certifiable of them.  

From the first moment I heard them, I fell in love/was pulled into the mire by their tone, their images and their ability to be on the left-hand path of everything that was happening musically in the world.  Their ability to create music that sounds sinister and fascinating has always been their biggest calling card.  So, I've been awaiting another dose of The Chewers and finally, they've released it, how has it turned out?

Musically, Downhill Calendar is (for want of a better turn of phrase) a polished version of their unique sound.  Now, I'm not saying that they've toned down their maverick tenacity.  To be honest, if anything they've turned that up a notch or ten. However, you can hear the difference between Downhill Calendar and their previous releases.  The sound is clearer, crisper if you will.  The production behind the album is sharper, there has been a huge leap in confidence.  The best examples of this are evident on "Skin Stay Thin", "Frankie's Downhill Calendar", "Rat Belly", in fact - you can hear it on all eight tracks of Downhill Calendar.  With belief comes confidence and passion, The Chewers are showcasing everything that makes them special and unique on this album.

Are there any drawbacks?  Well, at this point I try to play devil's advocate and give a balanced opinion of a record.  But saying as The Chewers are slightly unbalanced, I don't think I'll bother.  Mainly because this is a brilliant album, with its maverick spirit that possess the trinity of Primus, the droning tone of Wahella (without the metal) and the originality of themselves, they are on a winner here.  Downhill Calendar is a neat package of noise, drone and bat crap crazy sound.  I cannot tell you how much I love this album, it's another joyful trip into the unknown and beyond.  Welcome back The Chewers, we've missed you!

10 out of ten - This is proof there is a deity

Top track - Frankie's Downhill Calendar

You can purchase Downhill Calendar on The Chewers Bandcamp page here.

You can purchase Downhill Calendar on Amazon here.

You can follow the activities of The Chewers on Facebook here.

You can stream Downhill Calendar on Spotify here.

You can stream Downhill Calendar on Deezer here.

You can stream Downhill Calendar on Tidal here.

You can stream Downhill Calendar on Tidal here.

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