3 June 2018

Turnstile - Time & Space

Turnstile is an American Hardcore Punk band, Time & Space is their second studio album which was released through Roadrunner Records in February 2018. They hail from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA.  Formed in 2010, they have also released three EP's, toured an awful lot and been causing mayhem everywhere they've gone.  To be honest, I've not got much more knowledge outside of that, because this is the first time that Turnstile have crossed my path. I've been meaning to complete this review for a long time, but I'll not dwell on that.  What I'll do it get on with my review of this record.

Time & Space is a frantic record, one that brings Hardcore music up to date.  You can hear Bad Brains, you can feel a groove being torn in every mosh-pit they'll be creating.  It's also an incredibly short album, thirteen songs which are all done in just over twenty-five minutes.  Twenty-five short minutes which are gone in the blink of an eye.  When some records have felt too long this year, Time & Space is an album that is bucking that trend.

As with all Hardcore Punk, you're either going to love it or hate it.  There will not be a casual Turnstile fan, there will not be a person who played Time & Space to relax.  So, is it any good?  Well, personally I think it's one of the most exciting Hardcore Punk albums I've heard in years.  I love the brutality of the music, the aggressive tone of their sound and the uncompromising attitude of Time & Space.  Much like the album, this review is short & sweet.  If you're a fan of Hardcore, get this album!

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart.

Top track - Generator

You can purchase Time & Space on Amazon here.

You can visit the Turnstile website here.

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You can stream Time & Space on Tidal here.

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