6 May 2018

Sticker Gitters - An overview

Ask and you shall receive. 

Sticker Gitters are a collective label, dealing in lo-fi, freak scene and general noise.  These are very lazy words if I'm being honest, but this is just a general introduction to the map cap/bat crap crazy world that is these guys and girls.  Started in the last couple of years, their turnover of releases and tracks is humongous.  I mean, they keep asking me to review stuff, but then they release another, then another and so on.  It's quite exhausting to follow, also sometimes they delete old mixes and add new ones.

Which is a wonderful thing in some ways, it shows that music is an organic and constantly evolving.  It also means that you have to keep an eye on them as well.  Their mission statement is shown on their Facebook page read as follows:

Masters of the mini-comps (compilation, maximum diversity). Philadelphia underground to NASHVILLE. Download us to your mobile, you can figure it out.

We Promise no changes to any albums more than a week old. Disclaimer: Please Allow for one day of processing each release due to our manic state.

2018 onward one-person-and-a-computer hub (literally) of Nashburo/ville.

NO DUPLICATE ORIGINALS, diversityismyreligion

Weak and thin sounding tracks do not need mastering, they need better frequency distribution. All frequencies matter. Send us your tracks for the free new wave of mastering stickergitters@gmail.com.

So, let's look at a couple of their releases, which will probably change in a few weeks times.....

F. Hero - The Lord of Crack

The Lord of Crack is an electo-noise six-track release, which was one half of SCG split 001.  Each track is a short blast of noise, with random breaks and sounds appearing and disappearing out of earshot.  The further in you descend into this noise, the higher the intensity becomes.  In keeping with the tone of the label, it's not easy listening.  But, you don't come to SG for easy.  Also, that cover is truly terrifying.

ace quaalude - heat death electric

I reviewed this release last year, here is what I had to say then!

Lo-fi music is such a wonderful art form, one that is often frowned upon which is such a shame as it has a lot to offer.  heat death electric is a shining example of everything that is right with the genre, it has a personality that transcends to a higher level.  Some people would use words like Bohemian and avant-garde; for me, it is just a quality Lo-fi, Noise Rock release that has a charm which cannot be denied.  When they are on point, they make some fantastic noise!  Do yourself (and ace quaalude) a favour, check this out as it will not disappoint you!

Charlotte Velvet - Whiplassie

Whiplassie is one of the shorter releases from SG, three songs of various style.  The first is Avante Garde noise with a spoken word introduction, the second starts is a song that sounds like it could be a mournful ballad (but it could also be a sarcastic jazz track) and the last one is a heavy bass electro number that sounds amazing.  Each of the tracks is a short insight into their minds, but they are also far too short as well.  But this is part of the territory when you listen to SG, sometimes these tracks are revisited, I hope that is the case here.

Jonah Sky - Josh Toholsky is JONAH SKY Download Sampler and Foreshadow

This is one of the easier listens on this label, an acoustic guitar driven project that is a stark contrast to the other releases on SG.  But I love that they have given this album a release. But this album also has noise bombs, the sixth track is unexpected and I love that sort of surprise.  I'll let you discover those little sound nuggets yourselves, but trust me - you won't be disappointed.  A lot of people might pass this one by, but they would be fools for doing so. Josh Toholsky is JONAH SKY Download Sampler and Foreshadow is a brilliant record, one which haunts you for long after it has finished.

This is just a small sampler of the releases that are released by SG, there are a lot more on their Bandcamp page and they're always changing shit.  I love that labels with this sort of mission exist, you need little pools of insanity to make the world a better place.  Check them out now!

You can download and stream anything from stickergitters.com on their Bandcamp page here.

You can follow the follow their lunacy on Facebook here.

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