10 May 2018

Crossing the Limits - Perseverance

Crossing the Limits is a Norwich based pop-punk act, formed in 2016 and they have recently released their debut ep, Perseverance.  They have recently been making a lot of noise, starting to play places outside their native homelands.  They have named Neck Deep, State Champs, Tonight Alive and Against the Current as influences, so you know exactly what style of music you’re going to be listening to before it starts.  This is a self-released EP, so they’ve invested in themselves here.  They’ve also arranged for PR to push the EP, and I must at least apologise for my delay in this review.

But is the music any good?  Well, over the five tracks that make up Perseverance, I’ll be honest and say from the outset that there are no surprises here.   This is a five track EP with tracks about teenage loves, broken hearts, self-exploration and tomorrow’s dreams coming alive.  These are always standard themes for pop-punk, they will be explored time and time again.  This is not to say that Crossing the Limits aren’t good at what they do, but if these themes were not your thing before, this EP is not going to be your cup of tea.

However, if you like your punk to be poppy, to sound like a female fronted Homegrown and for a talent bunch of young people making well-crafted pop-punk, you could do a hell of a lot worse than CtL.  “Reverse” is the highlight of the record for me, an anthem for people who don’t want to be treated like crap, who know their self-worth. Pop-punk is also a genre that can sound stale extremely quickly, and I'm happy to report that CtL keeps things fresh throughout this EP.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say this is ground-breaking, that this re-writes the rulebook.  It’s pretty standard stuff in a genre that has incredibly fixed perimeters.  I’m also not the right audience for this band, my tastes are completely different to the sound these guys are playing.  Yet, why should I not be able to appreciate the effort that has gone into this, to be able to see the dedication to their chosen sound?  It might not be for me, but Crossing the Limits are good at what they do.  That is all you can hope for at times, and I hope that they hit the goals they aim for.  The Perseverance EP is well played, warm and will be a hit with its target audience. 

3.5 out of five – Decent, getting there.

Top track - Reverse

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