19 April 2018

Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

Hot Snakes first came to my attention via my love of Rocket From The Crypt, but soon I feel for their spiky charms which are intoxicating if I'm honest.  Anything that John Reis is doing, I tend to check out.  Formed in 1999 and originally lasting till 2005, Hot Snakes features the talents of Rick Froberg, John Reis Gar Wood, Jason Kourkounis & Mario Rubalcaba.  They are a Post-Hardcore act with members having already played in Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork, The Night Marchers, Obits and many more.  So, even before you hear a note from this band, they've already got heritage and a CV which would make most other artists seem lazy.  Released in the early part of 2018, Jericho Sirens was released via Sub Pop, it is also their first album since 2004's Audit in Progress.  It has been a long time coming, especially since they got back together in 2011.  The fans have been hungry for this record, but how has it turned out?

Jericho Sirens can best be described as high-octave, fast tempo, aggressive surfer, hardcore punk-rock-arama fun!  There is no let up over the thirty-one minutes that comprise the duration of Jericho Snakes, it’s a wham-bam-thank-you-mam type of record. You’re not going to search for this album when looking for ballads, you’re only going to look for this album when you want to stomp around and pogo.  From the infectious “I Need A Doctor”, the smash/grab heartbeat of “Have Another?” to the brooding ending of “Death of a Sportsman”, Hot Snakes have proven beyond any doubt that when they’re on fire, nothing can touch them.

Are there any issues?  Well, if your looking for variation, then you might want to look elsewhere.  This is a straightforward album which does not deviate from that pre-ordained path, with that path being the pursuit of fast & furious Hardcore/Rock & Roll.  Hot Snakes play to their collective strengths, they don’t show any of their weaknesses and they keep everything simple.  So, it all depends on how you view the style of music they are releasing.  Jericho Sirens is designed to make you move, if this is not your cup of tea, then they really won’t care.  That is the sign of a band who know exactly who they are and what they should be doing.  If you love surf-influenced Post-Hardcore Punk Rock, you would be a fool to ignore this album.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track - I Need A Doctor

You can purchase Jericho Sirens on Amazon here.

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