9 March 2018

Push to Talk - Dark Circles

Push to Talk hail from Atlanta, Georgia and they seem to like playing hide and seek.  I have very little information on them, the only things I could find on their social media pages confirm that Push To Talk are Liam Jagrowski, Joey Stanca & Trevor Stanc.  Apart from being from Atlanta, they also like to make weird things in a cheap bare-bones basement studio.  And that is it!  As far as being out on the craggy edge of obscurity, truly excel at hiding information about themselves.  Now, I was sent this request back at the end of December/beginning of January and after my vertigo attack, this was lost in the mix and I would like to apologise for my tardiness.  However, as I am so late here, it's onto the review.

Dark Circles is the third release from Push to Talk in 2017, following on from The Basement and 21 Degrees.  Now, whilst trying to review this album, I've discovered that I'm having to revert to my previous style of reviewing.  Dissecting this album into small pieces is not going to work, Dark Circles is not that kind of album.  This is an album which doesn't flourish under cherry picking conditions, it's an album that needs to be consumed in one sitting.  Each of the sixteen tracks on offer can be viewed as either a good song, interlude and noise sample on its own merit; however, when you listen to all of them in one sitting, this album transcends, evolves into something else.  It requires a lot of attention, as it crosses between Avant-Garde, pop, noise and everything in between.

To listen to Dark Circles is not an easy task, but it's a worthwhile task.  I love tracks such as "Visualize", "No More", "Falling in Void" and "Rolling in Sunshine", each one brings a different aspect of Push to Talk to the forefront.   The little interludes make so much sense when everything is connected, it's Dark Circles strongest card.  I love that this band is doing something brave and creating something different, I reckon if Mic Good & Keith Chandler ever heard these guys, they might fall in love with them.  For people who love to walk their own path, I give you Dark Circles!

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track - Visualize

You can purchase Dark Circles from the Push to Talk Bandcamp page here.

You can purchase Dark Circles from Amazon here.

You can follow the activities of Push to Talk on Facebook here.

You can stream Dark Circles on Tidal here.

You can stream Dark Circles on Spotify here.

You can stream Dark Circles on Deezer here.

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