31 March 2018

Joe Satriani - What Happens Next

Joe Satriani is a living legend. When it comes to guitar playing, genre-defining and creating a back catalogue of legendary rock music, his only peers are Messrs Vai and Zappa.  If you're reading this, I'm going to have to assume that you already know about all of his legendary activities through the years.  When you have already achieved the status of guitar god, each release you bring out is bound to be broken down into minute details, every note is explored in depth and focused on to the nth degree.  What Happens Next was released in January 2018, this is his sixteenth studio album and it features the talents of Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith behind him.  As far as three pieces go, that's a damn impression line up and make no mistakes about it.  With this line-up, coupled together with producer Mike Fraser, you have a huge amount of potential  So, legendary guitarist, gigantic rock line-up, Deity-like producer, what could go wrong?

Nothing much, if you look just on the surface of this record.  If I was to go into detail about every single song, like I always do, then this would be an incredible repetitive post.  So, I'll reduce the work down to a few paragraphs instead.  What Happens Next is the tightest Satriani album I've heard, Messrs Smith and Hughes are the perfect backing unit for this outfit.  Each song, whether it be a slow or fast or hard rocking number, is played to a clinical perfect that you would expect from the musicians involved.  I applaud that, I appreciate the sound and craftsmanship of the artists involved with this record.

The thing about What Happens Next though is that it doesn't feel like a surprise by the end of it.  I wasn't shocked that it's a good record, I wasn't taken aback at the pace or found a solo I wasn't expecting.  By its very nature, this is one of the safest albums that Joe Satriani has ever produced.  It's not boring (unless you hate instrumental rock, then it's not for you), but it's not a wild ride either.  If you're already converted to the cause, much like myself, you'll love this.  But it's not for outsiders, it's not for the kids who want things to have sparkles and synth meltdowns.  It's for people who want the guitar to sing, which they shall receive and a whole lot more.  This album delivers exactly what people expect, it sounds really good and personally I like it, but I'm not buzzing when it finishes.

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out

Top track - Catbot

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