10 February 2018

Dunes - Dunes EP2

Last year, Dunes were responsible for one of my favourite songs of 2017, with the mighty "Love from Below" off their debut EP, Dunes.  Since the release of that EP, they have been gigging up and down the country, they have also supported the likes of Monster Magnet as well, so things have been going well for them.  But a few weeks ago, there were rumblings of a new release coming and on 2nd February, then finally released Dunes EP2.  As far as titles go, it's sort of following the Led Zeppelin route.  But joking aside, it keeps it simple and to the point.  So, how does this EP sound?

01 – Everything Is Cool

“Everything Is Cool” was released a few weeks in advance of Dunes EP2 being released, out of the all the tracks on the EP it’s the closest in sound to Dunes EP1.  So, having it start the EP makes a lot of sense, as it acts as a natural bridge between the two.  Its a brilliant mixes of heavy stoner riff with a disco-rock sensibility in the bridges, there are some pounding drums interlaced with feedback.  This is all held together with an infectious riff that is as rewarding the first time you hear it to the last, it's a class opening track.

02 – Simian Circus

“Simian Circus” is a relentless beast, a snarling number that looks at the world and Dunes have no problem telling us what is wrong (spoiler alert – it’s us).  To call this song furious is not giving the song full justice, it feels like this comes from the heart and it’s one of those moments fury and passion collide to make an aggressive sounding number that makes a lot of sense.  I love the riff that keeps everything together on this song, you’ll have it in your head for days after you first hear it.

03 – Seapig

“Seapig” is now my new favourite song from Dunes, and I don’t say that lightly.  It is riff after riff after motherfucking riff on this one, there is no let up as it moves seamlessly from verse to chorus to crushing ending.  The chorus though, man alive that thing has a life of its own!  With one of the silliest titles of the EP (sorry lads, it made me laugh when I first read it), Dunes have made a gigantic statement on “Seapig”, what a tune!

04 – Black Bridge

“Black Bridge” in comparison to “Seapig” is a moody little bugger with it’s slower sound, a feeling of the desert and Middle-Eastern influence on the riff.  As one of the longest tracks of the EP, it’s a meaty number, but one that is worth investing in as it ultimately rewards you richly.  Just one thing though, it’s the weakest track on the EP as well.  Not saying I’m not a fan of it, just pointing out that the other songs are stronger than this one, I’ll let you ponder that for a few moments.

05 – Hulk

“Hulk” ends Dunes EP2 in style, with a song that not only changes as it progresses, but that wins you over in style.  For the first few spins, I was not really getting it.  Something felt missing until you get to the end of the song.  That ending is the biggest draw on “Hulk” as Dunes go for broke and leave the audience in a state of hypnotic euphoria.  The change the style, pace and feedback a lot toward the end of the song, but it all adds the charm of “Hulk”.

With Dunes EP2, Dunes have taken their sound and given it a little bit of a polish, tweaked a few things and made themselves a leaner band, with a hint a fury to their style.  It’s a brilliant EP, each song (even the weakest track) is an instant hit for me, with each song being a strong addition to their set.  I wouldn’t skip any of the songs here, as each one requires your attention once it has started playing.  I said before that Dunes are one of my favourite bands in the North-East at present, this release cements that statement even further and it also lays down the gauntlet for other bands to pick up.  If you haven’t already realised, I’m telling you that Dunes EP2 is great and you should purchase it now.  I'm also looking forward to the inevitably titled Dunes EP3....

5 out of five – I wish I had more ears to love this

Top track - Seapig

You can purchase Dunes EP 2 (as well as their other releases) on the Dunes Bandcamp page here. 

You can follow the activities of Dunes on their Facebook page here. 

At present, Dunes EP 2 is not available on stream services, I'll update here if this ever changes.

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