10 December 2017

State of Blog Address - The time has almost come!

It's almost time!  The end of your charts are coming, and regular readers will have noticed a difference this year.  For the first time since the first blogs (which it was just up for a few weeks), I'm not having a vote/poll.  This is mainly due to time constraints, I've just not had the minutes and hours I need to do a full poll this year, so I would like to apologise for that, but worry not!  As in the next week, I will be announcing the song of the year (on 11th December) and the album of the year (on 18th December), both of which I will be announcing live on Attention Please on NE1FM!

I'm also sort of changing the rules here, whilst usually I like to have all blogs up by the 2nd December to be used for consideration for the blog's end of year poll.  This year, with me being a one-man team, I've got have written the blogs by the 2nd December.  I have six still to post which were finished by that date, they just need to be polished up and up in the next few days.

So, going forward, what have I learnt from being a solo blog and how it's affected things?  Well, it'll mean I must find ways to be better organised, that is for sure.  I'm also looking for ways to get help for running this place, but I will announce more about that later.

The main thing I want to do is to thank everyone who hits this site on a regular basis.  Even doing this one my own, I've had the biggest year of viewings and I cannot thank you all enough.  Being more than a little dyslexic makes this hard at times, I run mostly with a passion for the music I review (except when it comes to anything with the name Gallagher these days), but I'm always aiming to improve (and I have installed a grammar program to help as well).  There will still be submissions, I will be posting a round-up of singles requests I've received over the last two months and the previously mentioned charts of the year.  I'll also be posting for Bearded GentlemenMusic as well, a site I've long admired and one which somehow allows me to contribute to them too!  You should check them out, it's such a brilliant site!

I hope this finds you all safe and well, until next time, take care - Eddie

Current films I'm watching (not doing a what I'm listening to list so close to the charts):

Die Hard
Thor: Ragnarok
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Where Eagles Dare
The Good Place
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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