25 November 2017

Polkadot Cadaver - Get Possessed

The coming of a Polkadot Cadaver album is always something special, they always come up with something that is fucked up, a few steps to the side of everything else that is going one, and above all, bizzaro!  Get Possessed is their fourth album, the follow up to Last Call in Jonestown (click here for our review), which my former colleague Luke enjoyed.  I have always had a soft spot for this band, going back to the days when some of them were in Dog Fashion Disco, but how has Get Possessed turned out?

01 – Dead Beats

“Dead Beats” is a twisted little number, this could be a song about isolation or about living in a zombie apocalypse.  Either way, the riff for “Dead Beats” is one of the best Alternative/Nu-Metal riffs I have heard in a long time.  There is a heavy synth presence on this song, giving it a bit of a Faith No More feeling as well, but it also has so much of their own tone in here as well.  It's a great opening to this album, one that sounds like it could have been used in a John Carpenter horror film.

02 – Couldn’t Move Far Enough Away

“Couldn’t Move Far Enough Away” is the second song on Get Possessed, but it could possibly have become my second favourite song by Polkadot Cadaver ever (after their glorious cover of “Blue Christmas”).  This is a frantic little number, full of wonderful moments of uneasy calm, loud explosive passages of sound, and a horror filled set of lyrics that would scared the living bee-Jesus out of the average citizen of the great unwashed.  “Couldn’t Move Far Enough Away” keeps getting better with each subsequent listen, it's also quickly rising up my best songs of 2017 list as well.

03 – Powder Pink Baby Coffin

As titles go, “Powder Pink Baby Coffin” is one of the most disturbing on this album.  Not gonna lie, it is a bit of a hard listen in places, but the music is as good as anything else on this album.  But it’s not as if these crazy cats could ever be accused of being subtle, they are just a crazy metal band who happen to pursue the macabre and strange, so whilst this one is not for everyone, it’s not the worst thing I have heard in 2017.

04 – Robot Assisted Suicide

“Robot Assisted Suicide” starting and finishing with the same electronic start, gives this song an Ouroboros feeling, an infinity loop that goes on and on forever.  This song has death at its core, with the robots assisting to eliminate humanity, eventually taking over.  It’s a great number, it's a horror-filled tune that has a fantastic riff and an old school feeling to the main riff of the song. 

05 – Get Possessed

“Get Possessed” is all about zombies, possession of the dead, spirits taking over your body and everything in-between.  I think I would describe this song as frantic, it has a hungry feeling about it and it also sounds like it will not stop until it has consumed everything.  There is a thrash element to this song, one that helps it stand out from the crowd.  That said, you cannot ever accuse Polkadot Cadaver of ever being samey, only a little twisted and this song continues that tradition.

06 – Brain Eating Amoeba

“Brain Eating Amoeba” is a decent enough number, a little bit of a slow stomper that rattles along with a death/gore obsession that is the focal point of this record.  It’s not a bad song, but it’s the song on the album I have not connected with.  Sometimes it happens, everything should be right, but somehow it doesn’t click.

07 – Steward of the Syphilitic Emperor

“Steward of the Syphilitic Emperor” is a no-nonsense, straight to the point, fucking loud number.  I think I prefer it when Polkadot Cadaver are at this pace, it seems to complement their bat-crap crazy moments.  As well as that Nu-metal sound, there is a Hardcore edge to this song, one that sounds like it could start a mosh pit in an instant.

08 – Cocaine Gone, Party Over

The party has gone south on “Cocaine Gone, Party Over”, with its bizarre feeling to the music and the words.  It's one that you must listen to a few times to appreciate what is going on, it’s not as instant as some of the other songs on the record.  But it’s one of the most rewarding songs on the album, sure there is a slow burning element to the song, but give it time, you will end up enjoying it and singing it out at inappropriate moments. 

09 – Skin in the Game

“Skin in the Game” is the penultimate song of this album, it also feels like a song that combines a lot of the elements of this album.  It has a few synth passages, it has a few heavy riff moments, it has a great chorus and it sounds brilliant when played loud – what is there not to like?

10 – Gasoline Enema, Bend and Light

As album endings go, “Gasoline Enema, Bend and Light” is pretty good, it keeps up the energy to the last moment, giving everything to the last moments as the light fades from the album.  It’s a catchy number, one that has a lot of things going for it, with a huge chorus section that has been stuck in my head for days.  When it comes to ending your record, you might as well go for broke!

As far as a throwback to the sound of the dirtier end of Nu-Metal goes, Get Possessed is a storming record.  Polkadot Cadaver are a band currently on top of their rather grime game, but it’s delivered with the tongue firmly in the cheek (possibly through the cheek, if you're a zombie) and a huge amount of macabre charm.  Yes, the subject matters are twisted.  Yes, it’s a little gross in place (even for my stomach).  Yes, it’s not exactly a commercial record.  But it’s not meant to be, they are catering for a different audience who have a strange sense of humour and are not interested in the latest Taylor Swift record, unless it has a zombie song on it, does it have a Zombie song?  Anyway, I have digressed a little here.  Get Possessed has some of the best Alternative/Nu-Metal songs I have heard in a long time, I cannot help but enjoy it, even more than I have enjoyed the best percentage of their back catalogue (although their cover of “Blue Christmas” is still yet to be beaten).  Approach with care, and be prepared to laugh at a lot of inappropriate subjects.

8 out of ten
– Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track – Couldn’t Move Far Enough Away

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