14 October 2017

Vladopus9 - Li-Alien Attack

Vladopus9 have recently contact me to review their latest single, Li-Alien Attack. If I am truly honest here, until the email arrived I had not heard a thing about them.  But that is the way it works with this blog at times.  So, I am quoting their ReverbNation information for this section of the review:  "National Recording Artist Vladopus9-, is the accumulation of many years of eclectic musical experiences accumulation of many years of eclectic musical experiences. Joseph Page's influences originate from the classic rock, hair metals bands, and heavy/speed/thrash metal bands of the 1980’ into the punk scenes that dominated the 1990’s and early 2000’s. While cultivating his techniques and musical agendas through writing, playing, and performing in various alternative, punk, noise, and rock bands throughout the years-, the music that Joseph Page is now creating is a true reflection of what influenced him the most within all of those musical communities as well as the life experiences, and worldviews that drive daily life. Lisa Rau is the truest example of how a love for music can produce real talent. With her unique and honest approach to vocals, alongside her passion to never imitate another performer-, her vocal style is compelling, honest, and her own. Dakota Jernigan (also known as badapple artist) is a Nashville Native-, Jack of all Trades and a Master of None. Whether it be painting, cooking, writing, or drumming- Dakota creates his art intuitively, untrained, and unregulated."  Well, that is the band introduced, so what is the like?

"Li-Alien Attack" is an abstract piece of sonic art, one that reminds me of the work of artists such as The Transcendents, The Chewers, Lucy Stoner and other musical mavericks.  It is a spoken world vocal performance by Lisa Rau over the noise created my Messrs Page and Jernigan, with random sounds and strange notes drifting over listener as an alien attack is played out in the mind of a slave to the new world, intertwined with the mundane and boring everyday reality of the sludgery of the modern world.  If you love your music to be off the wall and abstract, this is going to be your bucket of madness.  It is a strange piece and is not going to sit well with your average Gwen Stefani fan, but they are not aiming to reach those type of people.  Valdopus9 are aiming for the misfits, the drifters, the people who live on the edge of music and prefer sonic attacks over a song wrote by committee.  It is a good song which mixes fantasy and reality to create an unqiue vision of the world, the euphoria at the end of the song gives it a huge, uplifting ending (no-spoliers there).  But before I could make a full opinion on Vladopus9, I would need to hear more of their work.  However, this little bizzare song is a good introduction to the crazy world of Vladopus9, lets see where the madness goes from here.

 Crazy cat symbol - I cannot mark this as it is a bit out there, so as this is a strangely titled song, here is a photo of a giant, lazer eyed cat attacking some houses (all copyright is owned by the original artist).

You can find previous works by Vladopus9 on their Soundcloud page here.

You can find previous works by Vladopus9 on their ReverbNation page here.

You can follow the activities of Vladopus9 on Facebook here.

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