22 October 2017

Lucky Malice - Misfit

Lucky Malice are a Norwegian Riot Grrrrl, Feminist Punk band who have been going since 2004.  From reading their website and Facebook, they have a great work ethic and run on an DIY principal that is admirable.  They are also a band who are not to be fucked with, they hold their principles to their heart and they are going to say no to anything that isn't to their liking.  They are signed to Tonehjulet Kräftpest records and that is about all I know, so I will look at MisfitMisfit was released in recorded at the end of 2016, released in April 2017 digitally, it was released on physical formats on 10th October.  It was recorded at Rockehuset, Halden, with Simen Følstad Nilsen as a technician and mastering handled by Hans Uhre.  As I went into this review without prior knowledge of Lucky Malice, I have no preconceptions of their sound or style, so here are my thoughts on Misfit.

01 – Intro

Does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a short instrumental track that is over in less than a minute.  Decent for what it is, no more and no less.

02 – Cry Wolf

“Cry Wolf” blasts out of your speakers as a strange hybrid, mixing the frantic nature of Discharge, a hint of Echobelly meets Babes in Toyland to the vocals and then some Wildhearts/Backyard Babies vibes as well, with a large cut of hardcore to the mix as well.  It is smash ‘n’ grab number, a short, sharp kick to your private parts and it is better than any pop-punk out there.  It’s a brilliant opening, one that grabs your attention from the beginning and there is so much attitude, what is there not to love here?

03 – Keeping a Secret

“Keeping a Secret” is another adrenaline fuelled number, one that has some fantastic hooks, a great riff, some heavy bass work and a drumming performance that is best described as anarchic.  It sounds like it could fall apart at any given second, but everything is held together and give this song ragged edge that works so well for punk music.

04 – No Borders

“No Borders” is a politically changed punk number, talking about how borders are not helping keep people safe, but that the ongoing nationalism movement is creating a powder keg of fear.  It is hard hitting, straight to the point and it also sounds fantastic.  A top-quality song, with a thought provoking message as well.

05 – Longest Finger

“Longest Finger” finds Lucky Malice in full flight, it is a sub-two-minute punk anthem which having contempt for some people who are serving themselves, instead of the rest of the world, so they get the middle finger as a sign of contempt.  I love this, it has that punk spirit and manic energy that is sometimes missing from Punk these days, what a rush!

06 – Ruins

“Ruins” is a rollercoaster ride of Punk furry, one that keeps up the momentum of the album and does not give you a moment to collect your thoughts.  It is a great piece of music, it leaves you in no doubt about their thoughts about how they are being treat.  Lucky Malice are in a dark mood on this song, one which is not afraid to speak the truth.  A perfect piece of punk for me, just how it should sound.

07 – Blank Sheets

Sadly, each album has a song which is not quite as good as its cousins, “Blank Sheets” is sadly the song for me on Misfit.  It is a slower number (probably because the audience needs a rest), but being slower on this album means it is going at hundreds of miles an hour and not thousands.  Decent enough, with another hard-hitting message about abuse and lies, but musically it’s not quite as good as other songs.

08 – Skeletons

A song about self-image and how people are being tortured into being something that they are not, just to be sacrificed at the altar of fashion.  This song is here to stop this, this is a solid anthem to give people some hope about just being themselves.  It is a powerful song, and it has another great riff that will make people bounce around like their pants are on fire.  It is great when you hear a powerful message with a great piece of music, well done Lucky Malice.

09 – Real Social Dynamics

This is a great feminist anthem, it is powerful and to the point.  It will make some people feel uncomfortable, but that is how it should be.  This is a fuck you to the people who are trying to repress ladies around the world, if this upsets you then you are part of the issue.  I love this, you need punk like this to shine a spotlight on things that matter, and it is a fantastic song.  The fact it says everything that needs to be said in just over a minute, just shows that they are not here to fuck around.

10 – Never

Sung in their native language, “Never” is a hard-hitting number about living in an abusive relationship, one where the perfect picture taken only hides over the monster inside and the table are going to be turned.  The subject matter is meant to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s not something that people like to confront, and it should not be tolerated.  It’s also a song that sounds fantastic, your good & honest punk rock tune, one with a powerful statement at its heart.

11 – Stormen Et Slutt

A song which does not hide from mistakes, but offers support and forgiveness as well (I love the English translations on Bandcamp, otherwise I would be clueless).  It is not without consequence this forgiveness, but it is done from the perception of an equal and that is a powerful message.  Musically it might not be my favourite on here, it just seems to lose a bit of energy, but the message is once again the focus here. 

12 – Misfit/Outro

With a Grunge guitar tone, “Misfit/Outro” is a quieter ending to this album than I anticipated.  It’s another powerful song, one that will sadly sound familiar to a lot of people, but there is a fighting spirit to the song that is fantastic.  I love everything about it, it also links in to “Intro” as well, which gives this album a circular feeling, that sort of touch is wonderful.

What a short and thrilling album! Misfit is a fantastic Punk record, it has an old school attitude and it is up there with the best of them for my money.  It has such energy, so a raw and powerful explosion of politics, feminism and emotions that it is hard to ignore.  You may notice I am not mentioning about their politics and messages as much as I could during the review, this is mainly because I want the songs to give the message once you listen to Misfit.  This is because that way, you will get the message directly from the source and it will be delivered better than I ever could – I believe that ladies get the shitty end of the deal all the time anyway, and I think Lucky Malice are on the button here.  I wanted to give them (and their songs) an equal platform throughout the review, without me getting everything wrong.  The message behind the songs are more important than me trying to interpret them, I would only fail in my interpretation of these powerful numbers, I know my own failing points.  Lucky Malice are a great band – full stop!  I love their messages, I love their attitude and I hope it empowers ladies around the world.  It is music like this which needs to be heard and hopefully it will change a lot of people’s attitudes.  Their gender for me is part of their identity and it also means that they are capable of delivering great things, they have created an album that has the energy of a Bad Brains & Discharge hybrid, full of drama, powerful social messages and frantic riffs, kicking the hell out of the subject matters and it sound glorious.  I would be lying if I said this album had the greatest production ever, but that is not what Punk was ever supposed to be about.  It was about getting the message across, warts and all!  If I was pushed to pick a downside, there is little deviation between the songs.  But if you are looking for that in a Hardcore, kick-ass Feminist punk album, you might as well try to find truth in a politician.  I think this is a great album which has kicked its way to my heart and will be in my top ten of the year, hopefully it will propel them to greater heights and kick a few people along the way.

9 out of ten – Almost perfect, almost…...

Top track – Cry Wolf

You can purchase Misfit from the Tonehjulet Kräftpest Bandcamp page here.

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You can visit the Lucky Malice website here. 

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