9 October 2017

Biters - The Future Ain't What It Used to Be

Another album which is months late in being reviewed!  Well, as we approach the end of the year, I will be trying to catch up with all the records I have missed in 2017 (and probably have a few round up reviews as well). Biters are no strangers to this page, I reviewed their first album Electric Blood (our review cleverly linked here) and I found it very enjoyable.  It was a little bit simple in a way, back to the very basics of rock 'n' roll and played very well.  If you are looking for harsh and distressing numbers, this is not the band for you.  Biters are here to rock and they have been doing it extremely well.  Their second album The Future Ain't What It Used to Be was released in May 2017, with an even more outlandish cover than their first record.  I like that, it sorts of says that they are taking things up a notch.  Let's find out if the music has done the same......

01 - Let It Rock

It is another back to basics rock & roll anthem, it has all the right ingrediencies to be an instant classic in their live set.  A riff that keeps on giving, a solo that will have people wishing they can play guitar, a song that is designed for the rock dance floor and it will have people hitting the peddle when it comes on it the car.  I love this sort of song, it just gets in your head and it is a great opening song for this album.

02 - Stone Cold Love

The spirit of Marc Bolan is invoked on "Stone Cold Love", it is glam rock to the core and it sounds brilliant when it is played as loud as possible.  This song is a slow and sleazy number, again it is not doing anything that hasn't been done before.  But when it sounds this good, who cares!

03 - Callin' You Home

This song has an end of gig feeling, it is a winding down song with a sing-along feeling to the chorus section which is unescapable.  The pace slows down dramatically with this number, as the broken hearts are being show with every passing riff and beat. It is a good song, but is it placed at the right part of the album?  I mean, it is a song which could be used to send the listener home, but that is just my own internal DJ thoughts there.

04 - Don't Turn This Good Heart Bad

We have another heart breaker with "Don't Turn This Good Heart Bad", this track is firmly in 80's classic rock territory and it sounds decent.  Mid-paced, another sing-along feeling to the song and it has a natural energy.  It is not my favourite of their career, but it is still a decent enough song.

05 - Gypsy Rose

We are back onto the full Bolan on this song, with love being the flavour of the day.  Much like "Don't Turn This Good Heart Bad", it is a decent number which keeps the toes tapping and showcases the Biters love of that Glam Rock sound, which will have fans of the genre in rapture.

06 - No Stranger to Heartache

Adding the smallest amount of energy back into the album, we have another love song on this record with "No Stranger to Heartache".  With more sing-along sections than your average Grunge band can ever cope with, it has a subtle bridge section in the middle of the song which raises the stakes in the simplistic way.  It is a basic song, one based in broken love and it sound great.

07 - Vulture City

We are out of the heartache and into a classic rock track with "Vulture City", it is an old-school stomper of a track with a pure rock heart!  It is one that seems destined for classic rock stations to pick up and play at least once an hour, with its straight up rock riff that just keeps on giving.

08 - Hollywood

A piano!!! Some people will say it is the end of days, but "Hollywood" (a tale about trying to be a massive band in Tinsel Town) is a stomper in line with other classic ballads from over the years.  It is a brilliant song with a dramatic edge over a lot of this album, I love the drama of the song, but it is the second or third song on the album which could have been used to end the record.

09 - Chasin' The Feeling

We are back on the classic hard rock sound for Biters on "Chasin' The Feeling", leaving the glam feeling of the earlier part of the album to the side.  The song is a basic number, steady verse and chorus sections, a good solo and a fine performance on vocals.  It is not the most spectacular of the album, but it is still a decent penultimate song.

10 - Goin' Back to Georgia

Ending the album with a track about wanting to return home, about wanting to sleep in your own bed and to be with a loved one.  Now, once you hear this song, you can tell why it is the ending track.  It is designed to calm the audience down when everything is said and done, it is a beautifully crafted song and well played.

When all is said and done, The Future Ain't What It Used to Be can be best described as a decent, good break-up album.  The best percentage of this album is breakup songs or songs about being alone, also I have used the words decent and good an awful lot to describe the music on this album.  The leaning to the slower rock songs (they are not ballads) does take a bit of the wind out of the Biters sail, it does not have the outlandish energy of Electric Blood and that knocks a point or two off it.  You cannot say this album is poorly played, it is still of a high quality.  They still play to their strengths, but I would have liked to have hear a bit more energy in some of the songs, especially after the brilliant opening of "Let It Roll".  It is just not as spectacular as their first one, but it does warrant more than one listen.  Overall, it is a good album and that cover is absolutely bonkers!  File under for dark times only.

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out

Top track - Let It Roll

You can purchase The Future Ain't What It Used to Be on Amazon here.

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