27 April 2017

Kovax - If There Was Ever Any Doubt EP

Kovax are back!  The last time we heard from this Leeds mob was the release of their single 'Godot' (review cleverly linked here) which I really enjoyed, so I am glad that they are back with the first EP called 'If There Was Ever Any Doubt' which will be released on 8th May 2017.  Since I last checked them out they have released another single called 'Monkeys', they have been touring in the UK with bands such as Youth Man, Nova Hand and I Cried Wolf, played some festivals and appeared in a few publications.  All good work for the DIY outfit, but how has the music progressed? 

01 - Breathe

Starting this EP is 'Breathe' which sounds like it could have been used for an old-school skateboarding video from the late 90's.  This is actually meant as a compliment as it has some fantastic break with a melodic hardcore feel to the guitars, a drop of low, slung nu-metal to the end riff and a great performance from the band.  The sound is somewhere between 'Godot' and their last single 'Monkeys', as it has a lighter melody in the mix - a good start to this EP.

02 - Atlas

There is a bit of lounge music added to this song, but instead of going all Faith No More and just staying in that style for the song, it jumps between the lounge verses and low-lunging, bass driven choruses that will start a fight in an empty room.  It is another interesting song that has a great bass hook, it digs its way into your brain and stays there for hours!

03 - Waves

This is another song that is itching to explode, with more hooks than on your average fishing boat.  It is a storming number that jumps out of the stall with an energy that never dips below manic from the first note of this song to the very end, as the quality of each song improves with each song.

04 - Kennel

Now this one is very interesting, with a bass line that could puncture a hole through a wall. 'Kennel' does not just come out with on attack mode, it is primed and ready to induce a mosh pit in the space it takes for the penny to drop that shit is going to get real.  It is a crunching number, one that relies on a looping aggressive riff, that bass that is built like a tank and drums that sound like a machine.  It is a storming track and a great ending to this EP.

On this EP, the band have added some lighter melodies, but there is also a hardcore punk element to their sound.  It is an EP where they are exploring what it is that they can achieve with their sound, trying out different things and see what works.  Now, as the old phrase goes "Rome was not built in a day" and the same goes for any band who are starting out in the world.  But Kovax have released a good EP here which has some cracking tunes, with each song taking the energy from the previous and building on it.  If they come to your neighbourhood, check them out and also check out their Bandcamp page on 8th of May and get this EP.

4 out of five - This is good, well worth checking out

Top song - Kennel

You can follow the activities of Kovax on Facebook here.

You can visit the Kovax Bandcamp page here.

You can visit the Kovax page on Musicglue here.

At the time of writing, 'If There Was Ever Any Doubt EP' is not available on streaming sites.

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