3 February 2017

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe In Sound

Lower Than Atlantis - From Watford, Hertfordshire, UK and formed in 2007, classed as many genres from Post-Hardcore to Alternative Indie, homegrown, well-travelled and a four piece that have been on my radar for a while now.  I have had a bit of a wait to review this album for one reason or another; however, it has now been released and the joys of Spotify mean I can review it now.  As I am doing this on release day, it is going to be a fast & furious/first impressions review; but things are how they are and I cannot change that, also I have not done too much on this blog for the last month and it is time to get back in the saddle to be honest.  As I said these guys have been on my radar for a bit, they are a name which I have heard an awful lot and have been meaning to make sometime to listen to.....no time like the present then.....

01 - Had Enough

Starting the album with no introduction what so ever, 'Had Enough' opens up with a hard alternative rock number that has an organ undertone, a heavy riff that will erupt the crowd when it is dropped and preaching a message that the time to stay quiet and shut up is now over.  I love that riff, it is a dirty little piece that smashes into you and makes the hairs on your neck stand on end.  As introductions go, it is a great song and sets up expectations straight away.

02 - Dumb

A song about someone wanting to hide their true intent and the other person just wanting the truth, 'Dumb' is a song that has a strong message and will give people a release when required.  It has a lighter touch than 'Had Enough' with a fewer heavy sections, some beautiful sections for the verses and it is instantly addictive.  For a new starter to the band such as myself, the first two songs have been cracking and 'Dumb' will take some beating to be honest.

03 - Long Time Coming

Sometimes when things end, it can feel like such a relief as you no longer recognise the person in front you and it takes the final words to lift the veil on everything.  This song slows everything down to be honest, but it has an anthemic chorus that reminds me of the likes of Young Guns and it holds its own on the album.  Striking and precise, it might not set my world totally on fire, but I am still impressed by this song.

04 - Boomerang

Rejection is a cruel mistress/master sometimes and it can be hard to walk away from something that should have been ended, the song is heavy on the synths and guitar effects and the chorus could be from many pop songs to be honest.  However, it has a catchy section on here that leaves a lasting impression.  Not my usual cup of tea, but still interesting.

05 - Work For It

This was the first song to be released from the album and it starts with a loud explosion of sound, singing about how nothing comes for free and effort is required.  It is an injection of energy that ups the tempo of the album, I really like the lyrics on this one as it makes so much sense and it sounds so loud; it is definitely one that needs to be played very loud and to scream from the rooftops, sang at the top of your lungs and it is one of the best songs on the album.

06 - Could Be Worse

A song about the depths of depressions and words which can sometimes do more damage than some people would realise, 'Could Be Worse' is a song that makes more sense than I would care to admit at times.  But it is trying to get the message across that sometimes the struggle is to be overcame and that whilst each day is not a total victory, sometimes the situation could be much more direr.  The much is lighter once more, the chorus is a great hook and the message is hopeful - I love this song.

07 - I Would

A song about wanting to give more for someone who is currently and possibly heading out of the door, this is your standard alternative love song which some big hooks, extreme imagery and an almost pop sensibility to the music on this one.  It does enough to get the message across, the music is just the right balance between mainstream and loud rock to make it interest for me; but it does head dangerously towards being a little too sugary in places, even with the swallowing of broken glass mentioned in the chorus.

08 - Money

A song about the oldest evil in the world and not a cover of the Pink Floy classic, this song has a reggae feeling to some of the guitars, another good message at the heart of the song and it does enough to keep your interest throughout the song.  I like the feeling of the song, it has a good soul whilst talking about one of the most fucked up concepts ever created by man after time.  But that is a much deeper conversation than I am prepared to enter in this blog, but the song is a catchy and slow number that also have some crazy 80's keyboard effects in places.

09 - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore

The theme of leaving has returned to the album, albeit on a possible emotional, physical or suicidal tone is not something I would like to put my money on 100%; what I would say though it that it has an emotional depth that is not always apparent in modern rock music all of the time.  The synth/string section sounds glorious and the slow music suits the mood of the music perfectly, it might be in danger of being a bit too sugary in places, but not enough to make it off putting; it is a fine song and I am not too sure why it has not ended the album.

10 - A Night To Forget

Well, I was a bit unsure why they did not end on 'I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore', I think that they wanted to end the album with a bit of a bang with a tale of a drunken evening where everything is forgotten and that it sometimes required.  I can see why this is the ending song, it has a big hook, a huge riff and a sing-along quality.  But it does smack a bit of early Busted for me, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does end the album on a boy band moment.

This album is a good example of the modern UK rock scene, it has some pop hooks in the mix which kind of feel forced in places, which sort of knock it down from a great album to a very good album for me.  But even with an element of sugar (not that there is anything wrong with it), overall the sound of the album is compelling and worthy of attention.  I like the mixture of styles here, the emotions and the message behind the best percentage of these songs.  It is not totally my usual comfort zone either, but it is an album that deals with many issues and should help expand their current fan base and to keep the faithful happy; what more could a band want?

7 out of ten - This is good and worth checking out

Top song - Work For It

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