19 February 2017

Ephemerald - I Bear Fire

Ephemerald are a metal band from the Scandinavian country of Finland, they were formed in 2016 after Joni Snoro from Frosttide had a few songs that he wanted to release as a side project; he asked Vesa Salovaara of Vorna to supply vocals for the songs, but there was a twist in the tale.  In October 2016, Snoro and bass player Lauri Myllylä left Frosttide due to personal differences, Myllylä joined the project and Ephemerald was created as a fully, functioning band in its own right.  Joined by Juho Suomi on drums, the band have just released their first single and it is time to review this.

Well, this is the only track on the release, so it all comes down to one calling card so to speak.  Ephemerald release a melodic metal/folk number here, adding lots of string to a blast beat number, pounding riffs and an Eastern European feel to the riff and to some of the synth work.  It reminds me a lot of Amorphis and Finntroll, both of these bands have gone on to release some top-quality work.  ‘I Bear Fire’ is an interesting number and it does not follow a standard formula too much, for instance it was a relief to not hear the over-operatic vocals in the chorus and it has a distinct guitar style, a great bass performance and it is the first metal song in a while that I have enjoyed beyond just admiring it.

I think that Ephemerald might be onto something here, there is a lot of positives to be taken from this song.  As I mentioned, it has been an awfully long time since I have enjoyed this style of song (probably the last Amorphis album) where there is added drama and traditional folk in the mix.  But Ephemerald has created a fantastic song here, please may we have some more?

4.5 out of five – This is good, well worth checking out

Top track – Well, saying as there is only one – I Bear Fire

You can purchase I Bear Fire on Amazon here.

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