18 February 2017

A New Nowhere - You And Me

A New Nowhere are an alternative rock band based in Newcastle upon Tyne, they have been together since at least 2015 and this is their second release from what I can find after their first single 'Dark Place', but there are more songs on their Soundcloud page (linked here).  The video for this song has the members of the band dressed in fancy dress costumes and either running around Newcastle or chasing some poor lad whenever they see him.  It is a strange video which is what is sometimes needed, it makes you stand out from the crowd - but what about the music, how does that sound?  Well, truth be told it is a hell of a lot of fun to these ears.  Post Grunge, melodic alternative rock with a good vocal delivery, decent lyrics and a great riff (as well as a good little solo as well).  If I had to draw comparisons I would go for a mixture of Blameless, Kerbdog and The Virginmarys; all of whom have released some of my favourite songs over the years.  I look forward to hearing more songs from the band in due course, hopefully with videos that are just as strange as this one.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out.

Top track - Well, as it is a single.... You and Me.

You can purchase You and Me on Amazon here.

You can follow the activities of A New Nowhere on Facebook here.

You can stream You and Me on Spotify here.

You can stream You and Me on Deezer here. 

You can stream You and Me on Tidal here. 

Here is the video for 'You and Me':

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