8 January 2017

Sinatras - Drowned

It has been a while since I heard the Sinatras, so long since the release of the ‘Six Sexy Songs’ EP (our review linked here) was first sent to us and I have been awaiting this one with interest.  With all members of the band adopting the Ramones style surname (they are all called Sinatra), the band are influenced by a mixture of Entombed, Carcass, Hatebreed and Pantera.  The first EP was a good base to start, a bit rough around the edges, but heavy and to the point as you would desire from a metal band.  But has that translated to their EP, has the aggression and sound been extended to ‘Drowned’?

01 – Drowned

Starting with the sound of a storm and the washing of the waves on the shore, the music soon drops in and it comes in with a fantastic riff.  Thrash metal, blast beats and death grunts rain down on you with vicious intent as the band smash through your stereo and start this album with a very interesting and aggressive opening.

02 – 24-7

Following on with the same level of aggression and charming devilment, this song slips into the groove from an early stage and it adds a little bit of Slipknot & Pissing Razors to the mix.  The blast beats and noise are powerful, it has a great riff that once again aims for the jugular and it smashes around you with the same level of care as a brick to the face – job done for me on this one.

03 – Cockroach

Whilst still sounding like they could demolish a wall just by being in the next room, ‘Cockroach’ goes deeper into the groove metal territory and it is a four minute explosion of harmonics, thunderous drums and noise.  I like the slower approach that the band adopt on this one, the song has a subtler edge because of it and it makes a glorious noise for everyone to hear.

04 – Something to Hate

Now this is an interesting song, straight out of the blocks with a harsh riff and some great bass work, ‘Something to Hate’ rains down blow after blow of smash ‘n’ grab groove metal.  I am sure that this song could start a mosh pit in a room on its own, it is that loud and noise that it could not (and should not) be ignored.  This song is one that the band could make their name on, if I was them I would be sending it out to every metal station to play.

05 – Flow

‘Flow’ takes the momentum down a notch, but not the quality.  It still has some high quality and speed metal passages, but mostly it is a slower number that not only continues the fine form of this album, but adds a level of noise and power that makes it another of the stand out tracks of the album.  If I could compare it to anything, it is what I would imagine a group containing members of 90’s grunge act Paw, groove metal legends Pantera, Pissing Razors and stoners Kyuss would sound like if they had a jam – I like the mix on this song.

06 – You Spin Me Round

I will be honest, I have little to no idea why this song was covered.  It feels clunky against the rest of the album and something that would have been fun in the studio, probably fun in a live show as well, but it sadly does not translate well on to the album.  I have heard a lot worse, but it is still not the best.

07 – Los 43

Slowing down to a grind at the beginning, ‘Los 43’ soon explodes like a Strapping Young Lad number and hits the groove metal high points with relative ease.  It does not drop the pace and keeps on going for broke from beginning to end.  It is more hard-groove metal aggression that has been the calling card of this album and it sounds gigantic when played at maximum volume.  Also, the thrash style solos are a nice touch here.

08 – Miss Anthropy

It starts with the sound of crying and soon it is replaced with more metal, the song does not stop for a breath and it sounds as if someone is terminally pissed off here.  It does not drop the ball, it just keeps things going at a steady and blistering pace.

09 – Back in Frank

More thrash than groove, ‘Back in Frank’ is a smash and grab number.  It is up for a fight and it is not going to stop or let you off the hook.  It is good to hear a different tone on the album, it shows that the band have more than one weapon in the musical arsenal.  It also has the best solo of the record, hitting all those high notes and hitting it out of the park.

10 – Blind Fury

The shortest song on the album, it is a frantic number that is gone with the blink of an eye.  It is wham, bam, thank you mam in terms of being here and gone, it could have also been extended for my money.  But it is still a great number in my opinion.

11 – Spiral Hell

And we have reached the end of the album without an acoustic guitar in sight!  But seriously, it is another groove extravaganza on this song and it hits all the right spots for me.  It does not outstay its welcome, it keeps up that aggressive energy that has gone through every song and it sounds like Valhalla has emptied for war; I like this song a lot and it is brilliant modern metal number.

Sometimes you need something that is just basic and I do not mean that in a way that diminishes what the Sinatras have created here.  Let me explain – sometimes you want something that is all bells and whistles, something that has a million different things going on and is as complex as your average coding to send a rocket to space.  Sometimes you want something simple, to the point and that is a subtle as a kick to the groin.  This is a simple album, it is brutal and to the point; no time wasting and apart from the cover of ‘You Spin Me Round’, it is a brutal groove metal album that ticks all the boxes.  It is sort of akin to when AC/DC, Napalm Death or Motorhead released albums, you want something that does what it says on the tin – this is one of those albums.  I love it when this sort of record lands, it is just an unbridled joy of fury and aggression – viva la Sinatras!

8 out of ten – Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart.

Top track – Something to Hate

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