21 January 2017

Lukka - #Yourself EP

Submission time!  This EP has come from Germany recording artist and New York local Lukka, who has taken the backdrop of New York as influence for this EP and influence from the likes of the Beatles and Florence + The Machine.  The press release is beautifully written and I am not putting it up due to the fact I might be done for plagiarism; but I am impressed for the effort that this lady has gone to with her own publicity.  It has taken me a little too long to get this up (sorry, but I needed a brief holiday), but I promised this was going to be put up as soon as possible - so, how has this EP about the modern experience turned out?

01 - One Flower

With a dark and mournful soul, 'One Flower' has a dark psychedelic indie pop vibe about it.  The outlook with the music is forlorn, the days are miserable and winter is truly upon us.  Of course, for me it is a great opening to the EP, sometimes you need rain as much as you need sunshine and the guitars on here are on top form for the style of music that is being created.  It has a touch of the Animals to the sound, something that is close to my heart and it is a gem of a song.

02 - Green and Blue

In contrast to 'One Flower', 'Green and Blue' is almost cheerful and brings the world back into a colourful strange world.  Once more, the sixties are a massive influence on this song, but there is also a tiny piece of this that reminds me of The Charlatans (also known as The Charlatans UK in the USA) as the tone has that sunny side walk vibe.  It was a song I did not connect with too well upon first listen, but it has grown on me a lot and now I like it a lot.

03 - Keep Calm & Carry On

Adding a surfer rock vibe to the mix, 'Keep Calm & Carry On' has more positive energy about it than the other songs on the EP, a bouncy drum beat and a positive vibe, but it feels as if there is something darker in the lyrics.  It is decent enough, not doing anything wrong to be honest, but it is not grabbing me either.

04 - Kingdom of Mine

Ending the album with a sad, lamenting goodbye of sorts, 'Kingdom of Mine' is a long goodbye and sounds as if the party is slowing drifting away and the band are saying goodbye as best they can.  It is a song which I have back flipped about an awful lot, but overall I think it is a good song which is best place as the ending song of this EP.

Overall, I like this EP a lot; it is quirky and I always enjoy strange, retro pop/indie rock that has its own identity and does not look at whatever the madden crowd are up to at that given moment.  It is a good opening to this act with a sense of adventure and joy, I look forward to future releases.

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out

Top track - One Flower.

You can purchase #Yourself from the Lukka Bandcamp page here.

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