22 January 2017

L.A. Spring - Heart And Soul

Last year was a very good year for L.A. Spring, they formed in London and played their first few shows, released the charming 'Passerby' (Link to our review here) which in turn was used on the e4 TV show 'Made In Chelsea'.  Whatever you think of the show, for a brand new formed band to have their first single played on a National TV show is a very big deal in anyone’s book.  At the moment, they are being championed by BBC London, I have played them on my radio show 'Attention Please' in the North East of England and I know they are getting a lot of good press.  So now we are getting ready for song number two, the delightfully titled 'Heart And Soul'.  It is released on 27th January 2017 and the band were gracious enough to send me a copy to review.

With 'Heart And Soul', L.A. Spring have wisely not made a carbon copy of 'Passerby', a practice of trying to re-create their first single which is a trend that a lot of bands seem to do these days.  However, they have not created a song that is a thousand miles away from that first song.  The music of this melancholy number sounds like it is specifically composed for the dark hours after a night out and you are talking about everything and nothing at the same time.  It is the small conversations of the twilight that come together for me on this sound.  The party has been going on and the party is ending, the club is closing and people are having to move on.  It could have been written about the recent closure of Fabric or any other venue that you can care to think about in the UK and abroad.  It has a passion to the performance which shows commitment and talent.  I think this is a better song than 'Passerby' and I really loved that song and if they keep writing songs of this quality, I can see 2017 being a big year for L.A. Spring.

5 out of Five - I wish I had more ears to love this more
Top song - Only a one song release, so it is Heart And Soul.

You can visit the L.A. Spring website here, there is a game on the page where you can unlock Heart And Soul before its release on 27th January 2017.

You can follow the activities of L.A. Spring on Facebook here.

You can purchase Heart And Soul on Amazon here. 

You can stream Heart And Soul on Deezer here. 

You can stream Heart And Soul on Tidal here. 

You can stream Heart And Soul on Spotify here.

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