6 December 2016

Luke's Top 20 Albums Of 2016

Right, Album Of The Year time then.
It's something I pour far too much energy into and have been carefully adjusting my list all year long. Pruning, massaging and singing soflty to it in calm loving tones until it eventually blossoms into a thing of delicate beauty that I can present to the World.

Here y'are.

While the majority of albums have been reviewed by us, there's quite a few that haven't for one reason or another. Where they have I've included a link to the relevent review for your further perusal.
These are just my personal choices, not the official ATTIWLTMOWOS Top 20, I'm pretty sure Eddie and Chris at least will have their own top albums following shortly, also in addition to the offical one. That's lots of lists for you to look through, you lucky ol' devils you.

20. Savages - Adore Life
Savages are an all-female Post Punk/Art Rock band based in London. I reviewed this earlier in the year as part of our Mercury Music Awards thing and really enjoyed it. Jehnny Beth has a distinctive voice with her slight French accent and it's really well played and produced.
Read my review HERE
Watch their performance of Sad Person live on Later... With Jools Holland HERE

19. Haken  - Affinity
Another London based band though much different to Savages. Haken are a Progressive Metal band along the lines of Dream Theater and all that. They take influence from modern Prog/Djent but also from the classic 70's era too. This is their fourth album and they're all worth a listen.
Watch the video for Initiate HERE

18. The Divine Comedy - Foreverland
Foreverland is the first The Divine Comedy in six years and Neil Hannon has been sorely missed. He's an excellent song writer with equal amounts of class and humour. There's a ton of great songs on this album and it's a shame people only really know the band for a few big single in the nineties.
Read Eddie's review HERE
Watch the video for How Can You Leave Me On My Own HERE

17. Waste Pipes - Fake Mistake
I'd never heard of this Italian Hard Rock band before reviewing this album but I've been listening to it a lot througout the year. There's some great songs and a little variety. At the time I only gave the album 6 out of 10 but they lost a couple of points for a short tracklisting and a couple of duff songs. The majority of this album is really good and the lower score is misleading
Read my review HERE
Watch the video for For All The Time We Waste HERE

16. Muncie Girls - From Caplan To Belsize
I discovered this band whilst wandering through youtube on a particularly quiet night shift. I stumbled onto the video for Respect liked it a lot. I dunno what a Muncie is and two of them are chaps but they're a good band. Kind of a throwback to the Indie/Riot Grrrl sound of the late 80's Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney etc.
Watch the video for Respect HERE

15. Devil Gone Public - Smokehound
Devil Gone Public play some brutal Stoner Metal with some Doom, Groove and Metalcore influences thrown in too. It's an eclectic album, always heavy but they aren't afraid to change it up a bit. There's some damn catchy choruses in there as well.
Read my review HERE
Watch the video for Blood Debt HERE

14. Hey! Hello! - Too!

The second album by Ginger Wildheart's Pop Rock outfit is the first to feature a solidified band line up, though vocals are handled by all of the band plus an array of guest vocalists. Ginger's songwriting is on top form and there's some genuine future classics here but because of the multiple vocalists it lacks cohesion which is a shame. The album was completely rerecorded prior to release due to the departure of vocalist Hollis Mahady which would explain the collection of guest vocalists
Read Eddie's mini review in his last minute round up HERE
Watch the video for Let's Get Emotional (the Hollis version) HERE

13. Devin Townsend Project- Transcendence
For all that a lot of his songs are lengthy, intricate things I don't think there's anyone more prolific around at the moment. He's churning albums out every year. The deluxe version, like he did with Epicloud and Casualties Of Cool, also comes with a bonus disc that's another albums worth of songs. Anyway, Transcendence is yet another great album of the atmospheric and thoughtful Progressive Metal that he's known for.
Read Eddie's mini review in his last minute round up HERE
Watch the video for Stormbending HERE

12. Vinyl Cape - The Glitter Of Putrescence
It's always nice to find a band that doesn't sound like anyone else. Vinyl Cape combine elements of Hip Hop, Doom Metal, Stoner, Goth, Electronica and various other bits and pieces to create a unique sound. I guess at its very basics it's Rap Metal but don't be expecting Limp Bizkit. The Glitter Of Putrescence is a dark, unsettling album from a very promising new band.
Read my review HERE
Watch the video for Barren Orchard HERE

11. The Prettiots - Funs Cool
The Prettiots are a twee Indie Folk band from New York. again, I stumbled onto one fo their videos on Youtube and really liked it. The album is really good too, there's songs about depression, suicide, getting dumped and fancying Elliot Stabler off of Law & Order.
Watch the video for Boys (That I Dated In High School) HERE

10. Scott Sorry - When We Were Kings
Scott is the former bassist for Amen and The Wildhearts and When We Were Kings is his debut solo album (if you don't count Sorry & The Sinatras). It took me a couple of listens to get into but I'm loving ti at the moment. Rock and Roll influenced Punk, kind of along the lines of Social Distortion
Watch the (i think!) fan-made video for Broken Hearts And 45's HERE

09. Drama Club Rejects - Drama Club Rejects
There's big riffs and big melodies on offer from this band from Newcastle-Upon Tyne. There's a mix of Alternative Metal with Punk and Rock with catchy choruses. I've been playing this a lot since it's release.
Read my review of it HERE
Watch the video for Kickin' A Hole HERE

08. Frightened Rabbit - Painting Of A Panic Attack
This is one of several albums I meant to review but didn't get around to before the deadline. I wish I had. It's a cathartic album, full of pain and suffering but it's also soothing and beautiful. I've liked this Scottish Indie band since their debut, Sing The Greys, and they've improved with every album.
Watch the video for Woke Up Hurting HERE

07. Knives Out! - Left In The Lurch
Knives Out! feature members of Dog Fashion Disco and Nothingface, they're more of a straight forward Metal band than vocalist Todd Smith's other bands, the Mr Bungle-esque Dog Fashion Disco and Polkadot Cadaver. Left In The Lurch is their second album and it's an enjoyably disturbing listen. Again, it's an album I wanted to review but didn't get the time.
Watch the lyric video for Whistle Past The Graveyard HERE

06. The Dowling Poole - One Hyde Park 
This off-kilter Indie Pop band is a colloboration between two Multi-instrumentalists, Willie Dowling and Random Jon Poole. This is a peculiar album but endearing, memorable and chock full of great lyrics, harmonies and choruses you'll be singing for weeks.
Read my review HERE
Watch the video for Rebecca Receiving HERE

05. NOFX - First Ditch Effort
To say this album is a return to form would imply that the last couple of albums by these veteran Punks were poor, which isn't the case. First Ditch Effort is just that much better than anything they've gone for a while. Loads of great tunes and some suprisingly poignant ones too.
Read my review HERE
Watch the lyric video for I'm So Sorry Tony HERE

04. Katatonia - The Fall Of Hearts
This Swedish Doom Metal band have been going for years and show no signs of losing their fire or creativity. The Fall Of Hearts is a masterpiece that oozes class and sorrowful beauty. It's probably their best album since Viva Emptiness
Read my review HERE
Watch the video for Serein HERE

03. Josh Woodward - Addressed To The Stars
Addressed To The Stars flits to and from styles and themes but is still a cohesive, mostly upbeat, Indie Folk album full of melodies and choruses that stay with you. Josh's songwriting goes from strength to strength and this album is a marvel.
Read my review HERE
Watch the lyric video for Show Me HERE

02. Half Man Half Biscuit - And Some Fell On Stony Ground
I was unsure whether or not to include this album as it's tenchinically not a new album but a collection of past EP's, B-sides and compilation tracks, the most recent is about 10 years old I think. They're one of my favourite bands however and the majority of songs on this album are fantastic, On Passing Lilac Urine, Vatican Broadside, Hair Like Brian May Blues and Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years are some of the bands best songs and they deserve to be on a proper album.
HMHB aren't really one for videos so you can just listen to Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years instead HERE

01. Ignite - A War Against You
A War against You was released in January and has been my top album for the entire year, only Half Man Half Biscuit came closer to toppling it. It''s Ignite's first album in 10 years and it's a flawless collection of Melodic Hardcore, topped off with Zoltan's impressive, soaring vocals. I can't praise this album enough.
Read my review HERE
Watch the promo for Nothing Can Stop Me HERE

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