24 December 2016

Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It (Single)

So, here we are just before Christmas and here I am reviewing another release; just trying to tidy up a few things before I have a few more days off (the end of year reviews always take it out of me a bit).  Today, I am looking at the latest single to be release by those Gothic wonders, Calling All Astronauts.  Released on 23rd of December, this is their ninth single overall and taken from their latest album 'Anti-Social Network' (Our review cleverly linked here).

At the time of writing the review of 'Anti-Social Network', this is what I wrote about the song: This song is another enigma to me; it is going for the retro feeling once again and it has a strange rhythm that seems to go all over the place.  Sometimes it is the guitar, sometimes it is the bass and sometimes it is everything about the synths and the drum machine is the only constant thing in the song.  It even has a part where the bass is doing a solo as the guitars drift around you.  I like it, but it is a strange number that does not sit well with you for the first few listens and it could well be the track that will be labelled 'grower' in years to come.

Outside of the album itself, it seems to flourish and gain a life of its own.  Sometimes this can happen with song, you are so focused on what they sound like in the mix of the record that it hides the fact that it is a good song.  So, I guess the term 'grower' was right for me on this one (at least for me).  Now, it has been an awfully long time since I have listened to a single with remixes of the same song; it is something that can either enhance a number or sound like it has been cobbled together to stretch as much out of some material when it was perfectly fine in its original state.  I am happy to report that in this case, the remixes all work with different facets to what is essentially Gothic Dancefloor beats.  Out of the three, I prefer the Daak Sun version as it is a little darker than the rest.  But I think both of the other versions (remixed by Naked Highway & Malandrino) are really good as well, they add pieces and whilst not radically changing the fundamental bases of the song, they do make differences which as subtle and effective.  I really like this single, it is sort of surprising that I like it as much as I do

4 out of five - This is good and well worth checking out

Top remix - The Daak Sun version

You can purchase the digital version of the Life As We Know It EP here from Amazon.

You can visit the Calling All Astronauts Bandcamp here (the single is not on the Bandcamp page at the time of writing).

You can follow the activities of Calling All Astronauts on Facebook here.

You can stream Life As We Know It on Spotify here.

You can stream Life As We Know It on Deezer here.

You can stream Life As We Know It on Tidal here.

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