3 November 2016

Whores - Gold

Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this one......

Since 2013 I have been awaiting a new release from Whores, their last release 'Clean' (my review of this release cleverly linked here) is still one of my favourite records and the song 'Last Looks' is one of my favourite songs ever. It has one of the best riffs of all time.  Ever since then, I have been looking forward to their next release and awaiting any news that it was being released.  For months, I have followed how they have been getting pushed in various publications across the globe, making any noise I can about them and just generally awaiting the unleashing of 'Gold'.  So now it is here, the time is now as they say and I am sort of scared in a way - what if I have done the usual thing of building something up in my head so much that it is diminished by my own ideas of what the album will sound like (it has been the undoing of a band in my mind's eye before).  Well, there is only one way to find out how it has turned out.... shall we find out then....

01 - Playing Poor

Oh, the sound of the terminally pissed off!!!!  This is a furious and brutal introduction to the album, in a wall of feedback and unrestrained anger, 'Gold' starts off with a fight awaiting to happen within moments of 'Playing Poor' erupting.  It does not stray from its course and it never gives up, with an aggressive sound and pace to match the fury of the band; to be honest, it will go down a treat in their live shows and it is a brilliant introduction to this album.

02 - Baby Teeth

Attacking you from another direction with a riff that just keeps on giving, 'Baby Teeth' reminds me of a combination of Therapy?, Pissed Jeans and Melvins.  With each spin, the song just seems to become more aggressive and carnal, with a malicious intent that is not easy to contain.  It is a grinding number that does not rely on speed, it is a powerful song that demands your attention and your respect.

03 - Participation Trophy

The first ten seconds of this sound as if they are being recorded in another room, then the song erupts into more sludge/grunge noise that is ground out, with a lyrical assault being spat out with such venom that it makes weaker mortals run for cover.  It could never be accused of being quick and to the point, but it is an attacking number that warrants repeated listens and it is glorious!

04 - Metal Illness as A Mating Ritual

The title is a little strange, but it is in keeping with the band.  A song about being emotionally damaged from the outset and it is coupled with another bruising track that is gets better with each listen.  The level of excitement I feel with each and every listen just grows all the time, the band are on fire at this point and it is with a heavy hook, rumbling bass and thunderous drums that make this song so damn addictive.

05 - Ghost Trash

.... And then the album just keeps on giving in ways that should not be legal with a guitar, bass and drum kit! The attack on 'Ghost Trash' is relentless and it does not give up, from the very opening riff it is intense grunge/noise (when did alternative rock start naming this sort of music noise?) that has not been unleashed since the likes of Tad & Melvins were just starting.  It is such a strong number that does not stop giving, it is relentless in sound and one of the best songs on the album.

06 - Charlie Chaplin Routine

'Charlie Chaplin Routine' starts off with a buzz-saw guitar riff that has so much energy that it is impossible not to be impressed with it.  It keeps the song lynched as the drums sounds thunderous and the venomous lyrics are spat out with reckless abandon.  There are some lulls, which add a nice contrast to the main riff and it gives you a chance to breath before you head back into the main riff one last time.  It is not my favourite on here, but it is still a great song which is a sign of top quality from the band.

07 - Of Course You Do

It is a volatile rumbling that starts off this song, the bass is low and heavy and the feedback/guitars are sharp!  It is a slow grinding song in places, a mosh pit number in others and it is all keep on its toes by that bass which dominates the whole tune.  Another great number on this album which has so far not put one foot wrong.

08 - I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt

This is the first song to be released on the album, the video was a monochrome affair and it is a beautiful video; thankfully the music is an equal match for it and it does not lose either focus or pace on its own two feet.  It is a dirty little song, a simple and aggressive riff at the heart of the number and a passionate delivery, it is one that just gets better with each play and it does not leave you bored at any point.

09 - Bloody Like the Day You Were Born

A re-recording of the song from the Amphetamine Reptile Records 'Dope, Guns 'N' Fucking in the Streets #13' compilation and thankfully the only song which has been re-done - I am glad the band did not just re-hash a lot of their back catalogue for this release (Pixies, we are looking at you on this one with 'Indie Cindy') and that shows there is lots to come from this band.  Starting from feedback that is fading in, the song is a slower paced number to begin with.  Then, the riff – the glories riff – explodes and it is feedback heaven for people who like their distortion and vocals to be more violent.  It is a song which could start a fight in an empty room, it is glorious and I cannot stop playing it.

10 - I Have a Prepared Statement

Ending the album with the longest song on the album, it is also one of the most intense on the record as well.  There is no good to be gain from trying to resist the song, it will pummel into a pulp just for the joy of it.  It is a towering number from this band, it keeps up that high quality that has been the calling card of the album, it sounds like it could knock you down, take your beer, your partner and your pet without a care in the world – I love it and it ends the album on a quality moment!

This is as good an album as I could have hope for and much more, it is a distorted piece of art that levels the reverb ringing in your ears for long after it has finished.  The band sound as if the fire is just starting to grow and the confidence, noise and attitude on this release is absolutely fantastic.  It has been far too long since an alternative release sounded like the distortion peddle was being used correctly and it is about time a record sounded as if it was barking orders at the audience.  From beginning to end, this is just as good as anything else I have heard this year and it is giving me a headache for album of the year.  I have purchased a digital copy and soon I will be purchasing a physical one as well – it is that damn good.  If you want your music to bite you, glance back with a fierce burning in the eye and walk away without so much as a bye or leave - this is the album for you, as the title says, it is gold!

10 - This is proof that there is a God.

Top track – Participation Trophy

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