30 November 2016

Lacuna Coil - Delirium

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Lacuna Coil are one of my favourite bands and have been for many years, so I have been a bit remiss in not reviewing this until now, but such is life. Studio album number eight and I was wondering where they were going after the heady heights of "Broken Crown Halo". After a rocky start, "Delirium" needn't have worried me.

The album kicks off with "The House of Shame", a grab you by the testes intro that drops you straight into a loud, pushy and confident opener. The familiar style is present and correct, with a hefty punch that really does wake you up. 

"Broken Things" has a bit if a quieter start but within seconds, the volume is back right up there and doesn't stop. So far, so good, and a confident start to the album.

Next up, the album title track, "Delirium", which calms things down a bit, but only slightly. The track is slower, with a heavier vibe in the chorus that switches nicely with the lighter verses.

"Blood, Tears, Dust" has a more electronic intro, before heading into standard heavy metal then rising into a lovely chorus that lifts the song out of generic mediocrity. Honestly, this is probably the weakest track on the album, and it's not all that bad.

Next up, "Downfall", another slower track in the familiar LC style, slow vocals and heavy bass, so kinda preaching to the converted but extremely well done. The song builds to a sweeping guitar solo then a plateau til the fade out at the end. Rather good it is too.

"Take Me Home" starts with faux children singing a rhyme before the power kicks in again, and as with some of the earlier tracks, it doesn't really stop until the very end. Some might say it's a bit bland, but not me. It's also something LC can do well, so why stop?

"You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You" slows things down again, lulling you until the chorus smacks you about the chops. After that, back to the slow build up again, then the chorus. The third is a powerful demonstration of why LC are so good at what they do.

"Ghost In The Mist" starts off quickly, short, sharp drums leading to a steady beat that leads the song all the way through. The vocals are cracking and I would love to hear an acoustic version (pretty please???)

Three tracks left and "My Demons"falls almost back in the average territory that mid-album tracks tend to have in LC albums. I say almost, it's still rather good but you get the feeling you have heard it before.

"Claustrophobia" bolsters up  the tail end, with another strong track, and I dare you not to let your head bop in with the beat. Yep, it's one of those.

Finally, "Ultima Radio", and I think the best was saved til last (not the first time I have thought that about an LC album). There is an energy that seems to say, "Yep, we're at the end, but we'll leave you wanting more!". There is a sense of style and verve that neatly punctuates the album as a whole.

There are three more tracks on the deluxe digipack edition, "Live To Tell", an absolutely cracking cover of the Madonna track, "Breakdown", another strong, sweeping chorus-style track, and "Bleed The Pain", which slightly sullies the album in heading back towards a generic style.

Overall, this is an album I really enjoyed, though as stated above, there is a hint of "playing to the galleries" about a couple of the tracks that (hypocritically), I both like and dislike. Should I penalise the album because of this? I am not sure, after all, what Lacuna Coil do well, they do very well. Hmmm, it's a tough one. But as it is, an Eight. 

My favourite track: "Ghost In The Mist"

You can follow Lacuna Coil here, and grab the album from Amazon, iTunes and stream the album from Deezer.

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