19 November 2016

Grus Paridae - Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence

It has been a long will since I heard the name Grus Paridae, during my enforced down time they were kind enough to send an email announcing the release of their new single 'Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence', the follow up to 'Passes By' (our review cleverly linked here) which is one of my favourite prog tunes in recent years.  The melody of 'Passes By' and the drama behind the music was so great that I have been wondering for a while how they would follow it up.  I was hoping for an album if the truth be told, but another single is still something to celebrate; but before we do that, we must review it first......

01 - Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence

Well dear reader, this is the one and only song on this single; therefore (by default) it will also be my favourite song on this release.  It starts off with a burst of strings and then it is straight into the song, which is a slow & melodic progressive number that is very gentle on the soul.  The song has a definite Pink Floyd influence to certain sections, but it also has more than enough originality to its sound as well.  The main body of the song till around the five minute, forty-seven second mark is a standard progressive number; then they treat us to another three plus minutes of beautiful music that can send shivers down your spine.  I got to play this on my radio show the other week and I think it went down well, it is a brilliant song.

So, this is going to be a short & sweet review; great song and now we can celebrate its release, can we have an album please?

4 out of five - This is really good, well worth checking out.

Top track - Well, saying as there is only one track......

You can purchase Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence on Amazon here.

You can follow the activates of Grus Paridae here.

You can stream Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence on Deezer here.

You can stream Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence on Spotify here.

You can stream Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence on Tidal here.

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