19 November 2016

God Damn - Everything Ever

Formed in 2010, God Damn were originally an indie three piece, but as time and mayhem descended on them, they eventually became a two piece and they have been making noise around the country and playing various festivals and such things.  There is a massive bio on their Facebook page for that sort of thing, but why have I picked this up?  It was not one that has been submitted, so why is it here?  Well, I just needed an album that I knew little about, just to get my mind working and the name of the band stuck out for me.  So, it is just a random pick, so let us see how the album sounds....

01 – Sing This

With a distinct hook that comes across as a cocktail of Black Sabbath, White Strips and ‘Badmotorfinger’ Soundgarden, ‘Sing This’ gives this album a confident introduction.  It has a groove to the guitars and the drum is solid and helps drive the song forwards.  The chorus hook is insanely catchy and it has been stuck in my head a few times, with a flurry of sludge/grunge/doom sensibilities.

02 – Ghost

Well, I was not expecting a groove like that on this album, the main verse riff and drum combination could be straight out of an Austin Power’s swing party; the chorus riff though, that riff is a heavy counterpart to the playfulness of the verses.  It drops the tone a subtle amount and it sound as heavy as anything else out there which does not have the words Napalm and Death next to it, an interesting number with a strange heartbeat.

03 – Again, Again

‘Again, Again’ is straight from the text book of grunge 101, it is fast paced with smash and grab style that was made popular by bands such as Tad and Gruntruck.  It is short and to the point, but it does not have much of a lasting effect for me and is forgotten a little too for my liking.

04 – Fake Prison

So here we are at the fourth track and everything is sort of starting to sound a little samey, at least that was the case until the chorus when the screams and distortion kick in.  It is probably just as well, mainly due to the verses not doing anything that has not been done on ‘Sing This’ or ‘Again, Again’.  It is decent enough, but I am waiting to be shook to attention at the point.

05 – I’ll Bury You

‘I’ll Bury You’ starts off with a howl into the night, quite guitar and then a drop into more sludge grunge, this time with a slower heartbeat and with more thought behind the music for me.  It stands out just for slowing the timing down slightly, once again God Damn has created a catchy hook and the solo/bridge section is brilliant.  One of the highlights of the album.

06 – Failure

‘Failure’ has a similar sound to ‘Sing This’, the riff pattern on the introduction and the chorus to a certain degree as very striking and it takes a double glance/listen to tell the difference.  I do not mind the similarity, but I would also like to point out that this is not a theme throughout this song; the bridge/solo is once again a belting one!

07 – It Bites

This one has a frantic approach to the world during the verses, it seems to explode out of the blocks with the speed of a man being chased by the Devil himself.  The chorus sections are a little slower, with a chanting/frantic babble quality to the delivery.  Very punk, mixed with some curious time signatures.

08 – Oh No

‘Oh No’ is not a song that I am fan of to be honest, it comes across a little but too Brit-Pop for my liking and not even a catchy chorus can save it for me.  So, I will move swiftly on…...

09 – Six Wires

The introduction of a cow bell on ‘Six Wires’ makes me smile each time I hear it, the song is another sludge/grunge number that is well performed; but the only issue is that it sort of drifts by and no number of repeated listens have changed that feeling for me.

10 – Dead to Me

‘Dead to Me’ is the tenth track on offer here, but it seems to be stuck in a similar pattern to other numbers on here.  There is power behind the music, but it does not grab you with the intent that I am hazarding is the desired effect of the song.  I should really be all over this number, but it is one that I can only describe as part of the course.

11 – Violence

This song is a strange number, it is full of swagger and hooks, the volume is loud enough to bring down damnation from the top of the world and I am sitting here wondering if it is better live as this version just feels like it is a chastised version of a song that would be so loud live.  It is almost there, but it is missing that vital bite that can make a song so infectious.

12 – Let’s Speak

So after all of that, so how ‘Let’s Speak’ and its climbing riff and strange plateau sections really works for me.  It is a number that hits the right peaks and troughs when required and it has that special sound that can make a song stay in your head.  It is not perfect, but it has such a crazy assed riff that it is hard to ignore.

13 – Easily Misbled

So now we have an acoustic ending to this album, it is strange after all the noise and probably just to show there is more to this band.  However, it does not really work once again as it seems too strange and like it was added after the event.  So, ending on a brave try, but not one that ultimately worked in the band’s favour.

I feel loathed to use this word, but this is an average album for me; for the best part of it the songs are short and feel longer, when they get a good hook it is over far too soon.  The band are playing with a passion and it would be a harsh man to say this is poor; but the thing is that even with that passion,  it is also not having any really impact after many listens and I am really wish that it would have.  ‘Everything Ever’ could have been more, but it is sadly not the case.

6 out of ten – Now I see what you were doing, but it is not quite there.

Top track – It Bites

You can purchase Everything Ever from Amazon here.

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