26 November 2016

Every Time I Die - Low Teens

Few bands have played gigs which are etched into my mind like Every Time I Die. Northumbria Uni in Newcastle upon Tyne around the time they released 'Hot Damn!', they were supporting a band who I cannot remember (not sure if it was Lamb of God or another metalcore act), which goes to show you what I thought of the headline band.  Anyway, I just remember Every Time I Die being on incredible form that night, they just slayed the audience and I purchased a t-shirt (which some git nicked from me a few months later).  Some I have always had a soft spot for this metalcore crew and their anarchic music and it is always interesting when they are releasing a new album.  This record is called 'Low Teens', it is released on the Epitaph label and it is their eighth studio album in total.  The image is a simple one, definitely not as outlandish as some of their previous releases; maybe they are wanting the music to do the talking, let's find out what is going on with this album.

01 - Fear and Trembling

Introduced with a guitar riff that rolls slowly forward, until the band join in the same slow manner with a slow burning anger.  It then explodes as the band shout about sacrificing and death.  It is a strong opening track, full of drops for mosh pits to form and huge bass sections to smash into your body. It is short, sharp and ruddy good!

02 - Glitches

Wrote as a reaction to the Paris attacks in 2015, about how the singer felt afraid and angry which was against Transcendental Meditation and how his system could not prepare him for that sort of experience.  It is a stomping song, a cathartic release of energy to try and make sense of those event and it is a rampant song that never slows down.

03 - C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)

'C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)' is about the experience that singer Keith Buckley had when his wife & new born child were in an ICU unit as there had been complication after the birth.  It is a song that is full of fear and pleading, the music has a chaotic tone and it is a compact number that will relive those harrowing event; three tracks in and it is sounding fantastic!

04 - Two Summers

Sometimes a song clicks with you, sometimes it does not and no matter how many times you listen to it, it just leaves you cold.  Sadly, 'Two Summers' falls into the latter category for me, it is well played and the band sound tight as fuck.  Bit of a shame as it the groove is obvious to the ear, but I cannot get into it.

05 - Awful Lot

A song about feeling left behind and wanting to be acknowledged.  With more groove than one song should really contain, this song will speak to the terminally pissed off and cause mayhem at their live shows.  It is a strong number, full of mayhem and some killer riffs.

06 - I Didn't Want to Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway

This is such a racket on this one, taking a look on religions, cults and other forms of worship, it is a condemnation on those activities and how you can be lost in them.  This fast paced, hard hitting number could start off a fight in an empty room, it is a great number on this album.

07 - It Remembers

Slowing things down on 'It Remembers', the mood also darkens on this one as the feeling being abandoned by a Deity and trying to rage at the Heavens is the main focus of the song.  It is an ok song, the riff is pretty good to be honest, the change of speed and attack is also welcome, but it is one of the weaker tracks of the album.

08 - Petal

Back to their explosive best, a song about drugs, reincarnation, love and the emptiness of the void, this song goes on a rollercoaster over the two minutes, fifty-nine seconds it is in the world.  It has a Faith No More feeling in places, but it is still one hundred percent Every Time I Die and it is a glorious noisy track with so many hooks that it will catch anyone blessed with the gift of hearing.

09 - The Coin Has A Say

This song has some great moments, it keeps chopping changes and just as you start to get into the groove of one section of the song, it changes once again and you lose track of what is going on.  'The Coin Has a Say' could have been the jewel of the album, but it is a bit too messy and all over the place for that.

10 - Religion of Speed

A song about events that have happened between the singer and his wife, this song is the longest of the album which once again goes through many changes.  Unlike 'The Coin Has a Say', 'Religion of Speed' feels more coherent and not as disjointed as the former song, it is another with a lot of groove metal in the mix and it sounds harsh as hell.

11 - Just as Real but Not as Brightly Lit

More mayhem and chaos, this time it is a song that starts at a maniac pace and then it ends up going slower and slower the longer the song goes on.  I like the riffs, the bass is large here and the drums are loud as well, such a good song and a frantic number as well.

12 - 1977

As with a lot of this album, this is a hard kicking, shredding number that makes quick work of its time on this earth.  It is a more quick metalcore with a huge burst of energy and more pissed off lyrics.  Short, sharp and quick; just what you expect from ETID.

13 - Map Change

Ending this album ends with 'Map Change', a song about the endings and everything going down to the bottom of the ocean.  It has everything you would want from ETID, it has some beautiful guitar work, a whirlpool of drums and bass at the centre of the song and a massive vocal performance as well. It ends the album on a high point, best song of the album.

I like this album a lot, it is a rough and ready as their other albums and they have not lost any of that energy and passion from their earlier works.  Sometimes it feels a little too unfocused, but it is definitely one of their best releases.  Give it time though, it needs a few listens to settle down in your mind, but it is worth the effort.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart

Top track - Map Change

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