6 November 2016

Boy Jumps Ship - Wake Up

Here is another blog which I am writing for the second time; due to my laptop being more broken than a broken thing for a month, I lost this blog as well as a few others which I have still yet to post.  But enough about my problems, let us have a look at Boy Jumps Ship.  Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne (local boys for me), this band have been mentioned to me by friends for the last few years, I first got to hear one of their songs on the 'You Heard It Here First! Rock Volume 1' compilation album from Amazing Record Co (my review for this compilation linked here) and I was impressed by their sound.  This album was released in April 2016 and they have been back on the road with this album, soon they will be playing a Christmas show in the Riverside, Newcastle which I am hoping to attended.  Basically, it seems as if they are making all the right moves and getting noticed in a lot of the right place

01 - Burn

I think the best word to describe 'Burn' is stomping; it has a heavy pace and pounding drum beat that matches the lyrical content as well.  It bemoans the state of the world and how things are going to shit, which is all played out over a hard rock/punk number that has its own identity and does not remind me too much of other acts - that is something of a rarity these days.  It is a solid opening track, not my favourite of the album, but a good introduction.

02 - No Tomorrow

'No Tomorrow' goes for a melodic sound, not as hard pounding as 'Burn' and it works a lot better in my books!  It is a song about the feeling of living in a small town, things never changing, watching some stuff fall apart as they always do and how it can be a bitter pill to swallow.  It is a fast pace number which is kept together with a brilliant riff and one of those chorus's that just sticks in your brain.

03 - Lost & Found

Oh, this one has anthem wrote all over it!  I like this spark of energy that is sown through this song, the simplicity (I mean this in a positive way) of the song cannot be understated as it just keeps on giving with each play.  When the riff first kicks in after a brief introduction, it makes me wonder why this was not the album opening track?  But that is just me playing fantasy album ordering, this is a top-quality song that deserves to be played really loud!

04 - Turn Up The Radio

This is a radio friendly song (no pun intended) with a song about not being able to connect with people at times and having to make long journeys to getting through life in general.  It is another look at the emotional landscape of the world and trying to make sense of it, the music in contrast feels positive and acts as a good backdrop to the lyrics.

05 - We Are The Rebels

A song for the rebellious youth, with passion and anger on their side.  I think every generation needs this short of rebel cry, youth does need to react against the old and make their own mark on the world.  It is another piece of alternative rock that sounds as if it has its own identity and for me, I can hear a lot of the North East in this song; it sounds like it could only have been made in this place on the North-East side of England, facing the North Sea and defying the world.  A great hook, a great riff and a great performance.

06 - Make You Proud

A changing song that feels so familiar now, mainly because I have been listening to it for so long; but it sounded familiar from the moment I first heard it.  It is a sing-along song with big ambitions that it pulls off with ease, it is one that is not afraid of the world and rest is for the deceased.  For me, this is the best song on this record, it has everything I would want from an alternative punk/rock band and it is just a rewarding song from beginning to end.

07 - Under Your Skin

This is the first song on the album which I did not connect with, not sure why that is either.  It is performed well enough and it has a decent riff, the pace is alright as well; but it just passes me by and I cannot really put my finger on it, so yeah - onto the next song.

08 - Shatter

'Shatter' is a song that I like a lot, it is song that looks at the world and how sometimes you must break to be able to move forward, no matter how hard it can be.  It is another song which could only come from the North of England, it is one of heartache and determination that brings out the best in the band as they let their emotive punk tell a story.

09 - Night Stories

The mood changes for this one as the shadows of yesterday come back to haunt you in the dark hours, with this cathartic release of hidden emotions and dark chasms of the mind threatening to swallow you whole.  It starts off with just a guitar being strummed until two minutes in when the rest of the band comes in, adding a contrast to the previous section of the song.  It is a tried and tested formula that is not broken here, working the emotions with ease and adding another layer to this album.

10 - Hell

'Hell' brings back the loud and brash side of the band musically, with this tale of conflict and emotional upheaval that can come from nowhere.  From the opening moment of the song, the sound is huge, the riff is gigantic and it sounds as if the band are giving every last piece of effort just to get it over the line. 

11 - The Best Is Yet To Come

And we arrive at the penultimate track of the album, another tale of hope and anxiety with both being closure to each other as things slowly fall apart.  It is a decent number, hitting all the usual spots and making all the right noises.  Not really feeling the excitement here, but it is not bad either.

12 - Redlight

'Redlight' is a song about warnings and what can happen if they are ignored, it is another hard rock number that hits all the right places.  Once again, it is not making the impact of the songs that came beforehand; however, it is still one that delivers a stomping riff which I know goes down well in a crowd.

I like this record a lot, it has character and for a debut album, it is a really good effort of small town stories, hopes and dreams.  If I had to nit-pick, I would say it could have been a couple of tracks shorter, maybe making it a little puncher and to the point; but I would be looking for excuses to dislike it to be honest.  Much like wecamefromwolves and the Face To Face review ('Protection' - review linked here), this album is a good punk album that does not aim to reinventing the wheel.  But it does show promise and a talent which the band are just starting to tap; whilst they have had all the time in the world to write their first album, the next one will be the one to watch and I look forward to it & I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for some new punk in 2016.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my time, money and heart.

Top track - Shattered

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