6 September 2016

Trade Wind - You Make Everything Disappear

Trade Wind are a band who waste little time on introductions and information.  According to their Facebook page, they are comprised of JB x TW x AM x RL and list their home towns as NYxQCxCAxTO.  After that the information dries up quicker than the promises from the Brit-Exit Campaign (sorry, needed to be political for a moment or three).  After that, it lists the labels they are signed to around the world - as you ask - Equal Vision/Graphic Nature (North America), UNFD (Australia, New Zealand) and End Hits (Europe, UK).  I have a feeling I am not going to get much more out of this paragraph, so I will get on with reviewing the album instead......

Starting this record is "I Hope I Don't Wake Up" and from the beginning of this record I can heard a love for post metal/rock and the emotive side of rock music before it became a fashionable label and eye-liner and fringes.  It is heavy as a door being slammed, it has Cave In textures, a bit of Deftones and a hell of a lot of attitude.  It is a song about dreaming about a lover and not wanting the dream to end, the hook is that there is a hope for hatred to be involved and in that moment, I can see the conflict within the song.  Love and hate are often part & parcel the very essence of a song and it is the dual dynamic and energy point of the song - the eternal conflict of love and hate in one dream.  It is a great song, the riff is heavy and the drums are huge on this number.  The bass has a groove that could be used as a train line and it sounds huge.  Basically, what you need from an opening song of an album.  The second song is called "Lowest Form" which starts with a pick being dragged up and down a guitar, a drum machine joins in as another guitar is strummed.  These are joined by the bass, vocals and more drums as the sound slowly, but purposefully builds toward the inevitable eruption; but the band do not go that way, instead they go for a groove and a post rock riff that would not be out of place on either a Deftones or a Placebo release and then they take it in a total different and interesting direction.  It is all about feeling inadequate and there is a dose of self-loathing to the lyrics as well, something that some people will easily understand sadly.  But the song itself is a dynamic beast, one that goes in one direction and changes itself when you are least expecting it and I like to be surprised.  It makes things more interesting and music needs to be less predictable at times.  The third track of the album is called "Tatiana (I Miss You So Much)" and at this point, the album goes heavily into Deftones territory, with a song about lose, loneliness and calling to the wind for a lover to come home - this song has all those trade mark Deftones signs and it sounds haunted and wounded at the same time.  It is a beautiful number, I cannot deny that one at all as I have found the lines in my head a lot over the last few days; but the influence is very much on the sleeve and that can either make you many fans or lose you some influence.  The midway point is marked by "Radio Song" which is not a song that the band want to be played on the radio, this song is discussing distraction whilst on a journey, the endless repeat of the radio songs and the feeling of being lost and lonely in the world.  It is a gentle number with a light and dark dynamic at the heart of the song and it does not hit the distortion peddle till near the end which means it is relying more on the gentler side of the band which is a positive for me - I like this song an awful lot, it has a lost soul outlook which some people will easily identify with and it will give them hope that they are not the only one in that situation.

The second half of this record starts with "Grey Light" and this is a strange son to say the least. It is a number which has self-doubt at its core, lovers who cannot communicate properly, engaging in sexual acts and still feeling disconnected to the other person, all the while you have the ever present shadow of grey being cast in the world.  It is a gentle number in some ways, it feels like it has been created in a smoky haze and the world is not as it should be.  It reminds me of some Euro-Pop numbers in places, it has a very Continental flavour to the melody here and it is a haunted number, mainly due to the dark and clouded nature of the song.  "Rare" brings back the distortion peddle, piles on the heartache and it also brings back the influences in a way as well.  It is a song about wanting and trying to contact someone and the distance between both people as well, due to one of the partners wanting to be left alone.  It is probably the number on the album which has to sadly be given the title - Not my favourite from the album.  It is a decent song, well played and all that jazz, but it does not quite hit the groove of some of the others, or have that dynamic which makes the rest stand out from the pack.  But it is still a good number, one that showcases some of the heavier aspects of the band.  The penultimate song of the album is called "Untitled" and this is the surprise of the album, a piano song that is wanting for a person to be took away from everything after just meeting the other person.  It is the shortest song on the album, but it is one of the most effective.  I have a feeling this band writes at its best in the early hours of the morning, when everything is sort of fluid and the world is still adjusting to the new dawn that is to come.  It speaks of hope, nervous energy and love, it is a beautiful and fragile moment on this album that shows that not everything is down tuned and heavy.  Ending the album is "Je T'aimerais Toujours", a song about not wanting to be with someone and knowing that you will love them forever.  It is a post rock number, heavy drones are in the air, light drums and the sound of heart break is all around.  It ends the album in a confused state, but I think it also suits the band and album perfectly; it shows the great conflict that is that the heart of the band and it gentle and heavy in the same song - but not always with the guitars or drums.  It ends with a graceful movement that I was not expecting and it can break a thousand hearts.

This album showcases a writer who is in conflict with the world and with himself in places, an emotional upheaval that will require resolution at some point.  Musically, it is the lighter moments that speak to me more, they are the emotive passages that speak to my soul and make sense.  At times, it is very heavy on the influences and that is fine in some ways as they are just starting out in the world.  In the future, these guys could be world beaters as there is something to the vocal dynamic of the songs; but back to the present.  Overall, this album is a great introduction after their first EP, 'Suffer Just to Believe' and gives promise that this is not the only release from this band.  There are currents underneath the music which will hopefully be explored and more songs to come from this act - they maybe at their best in the small hours of the night, but this is a promise of things to something great to come and this is the genesis point..

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention as well and maybe my money, time and heart.

Top song - Radio Songs

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