10 September 2016

Third Place - Rise of Chaos EP

Third Place are a four-piece theatrical pop punk outfit who come out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada who have been going since 2005.  They have previously released one demo and one album, the Rise of Chaos EP was released in August this year and has been on our list to review for a while.  Over the years, they have shared stages with the likes of NOFX, Pennywise, Yellowcard and many more.  I like the cover of this EP, a faceless man in military uniform, insignia on the shirt and a red curtain behind him (or her, just because there is no hair does not mean that the person is a boy really).  I am not certain what theatrical pop punk sounds like, but I am sure that I will find out by the end of this EP.  Let's get this started then......

The first track on this album is "Psycho Show" which does have a theatrical feeling about it, with a Russian feeling to the keyboard work, an OTT quality to the music, but the guitar work is not too loud until the bridge parts of the song with the keyboards.  It is more pop than punk for me on this number, not a bad thing and it does have a catchy quality to the music to be honest.

"Temptation" keeps up that dramatic flair that started on "Psycho Show", it is another pop-punk anthem with sing-along chorus, another song with a Eurasia feeling to the music once again and it aims for the lavish and it almost achieves it.  But it is missing a bit of power in places that would give it that extra dynamic and it does not reach its full potential for me.

"Pretty Evil Liar" - the rapping really does not work for me on this one, it sounds the same as when Deborah Harry did it years ago on the song "Rapture" & Sum 41 on "Fat Lip".  It is a shame as they music was actually really good on this one, but the vocals ruin it.

"Strike Back" is a song about facing up to the world and standing up for oneself and take back control of your life.  The verses and opening riff really brings the energy and it sounds fantastic, you can get behind that and then the chorus hits and it loses some of that momentum.  Not too badly if the truth be told, but it does love a little bit of energy.

The penultimate song is called "Don't Cry" and it is not a cover of the Guns N' Rose's classic and it is a song I have heard before (but not known who that band was).  For once the band has their foot on the power peddle, it is in those places when this song steps up and sounds as if it could make a difference to this band.  The pop is not the domineering factor on this song, which is how this sort of thing should work.  It is a song about not giving up once again, a noble sentiment and it is well played. Also for what it is worth, this is the best track on here.

Ending this EP is "The Other Side", again this is not a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; no, this one is a piano focused number that goes for the heart and has a loud chorus to sound as if the world is shaking.  It is something that has been done before, something that is not my thing and I will leave it at that.  I will say though that for what it is, it is played well but it is not for me.

I think it is obvious that for me this is not my type of thing, it is too similar to band like My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard & New Found Glory and as much as I like pop punk, it is too generic in places and the mixture is not quite right.  There is potential in this band for more, but they need a little bit of power behind that sound as it does not stand out for me, maybe remove some of the pop and add a tiny (not too much) punk back to the sound.  It is too focused on the pop for it to be punk and there is too much punk for it to be popular these days, but there is always hope as they do not sound awful, just not original.  File under not for me, but I am sure they will be doing great no matter what this old fart thinks.

2.5 out of five - Not bad, not good - so average it is Zen

Top track - Don't Cry

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